13 Must-Watch 2021 Netflix Original Movies

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It’s obvious that Netflix did not allow a pandemic to stop them from amassing tons of movies for their beloved movie fans. In fact, Netflix was a life-saver during quarantine.

Throughout the stay-at-home orders, what would people do without black busters and epic series and serials?

In 2021 alone, there are endless amounts of great movies. Continue reading to find out our top 12 must-watch Netflix original movies.

13. Moxie

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

You don’t want to miss the fabulous Amy Poehler as a mom in “Moxie.” Her teenage daughter gets hold of her mom’s rebellious past and decided to do something meaningful at her school to make a difference. She publishes a zine and exposes all the terrible sexism plaguing her school. It’s a sweet, satisfying story.

12. The White Tiger

The White Tiger
Source: Netflix

An Oscar-nominated movie that is based on a best-selling novel.  Adarsh Gourav stars alongside the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra.  The driver of a wealthy Indian family smartly escapes the poverty of his Indian village and aims to reach the top. It certainly deserves the Oscar and you’ll see why when you watch.

11. Stowaway

Source: Netflix

Thriller and out-of-space fans, hang on to this one! Anna Kendricks plays an astronaut in her newest must-see movie. The three-person trip on their mission to Mars was going well until they discovered that a fourth person was on board — a stowaway! In addition to all of the hardships that come with a space voyage, there is not enough oxygen for all four passengers.

10. Paper Lives

Paper Lives
Source: Netflix

Those who love emotional drama and kindness, this movie is for you. The story follows Mehmet, a soulful and selfless warehouse operator in Istanbul, Turkey. He shares himself any which way to be helpful to others. He then meets a homeless 8-year-old boy and turns his life upside-down.

9. To All the Boys: Always and Forever

To All The Boys
Source: USA Today

“To All the Boys” franchise heats up a notch in this movie which is the third in the series. Like the two before it, these roller-coaster love stories reach logical conclusions.

In this latest installment, Lara Jean anchors her dream guy, but another emotional conflict occupies her neurons. She is searching to find out who she is and which college suits her best.

8. Why Did You Kill Me?

Why Did You Kill Me
Source: Netflix

Here is a true crime-murder thriller and must-watch Netflix documentary. See how a mother, Belinda Lane, tracks down her daughter’s murderer and those involved with the use of MySpace. This film explores evil consciences and satisfies when justice is found for the innocent.

7. The Dig

the dig
Source: Netflix

Here’s a true story, set in the 1930s. It’s about a wealthy English landowner who wants to know what the huge, mysterious mound on her property was all about.

Edith Pretty hires an archaeologist to investigate the mound and got an astounding revelation! It was a graveyard from the dark-ages!

6. Finding ‘Ohana

Finding Ohana
Source: Netflix

“Finding ‘Ohana” means finding courage and one adventure after another. Pilialoha (Pili) Kawena is 12 years old and enjoys the New York City lifestyle, but she is suddenly plucked away to rural O’ahu to take care of her grandfather.

Being a geocaching star, she finds an old pirate’s journal, which leads treacherously to a 200-year-old shipwrecked treasure. The whole family will enjoy this one.

5. I Care a Lot

I Care A Lot
Source: Netflix

For those who love dark comedy, and mysterious thrillers, witness how Rosamund Pike steals from the oldies. She is a court-appointed guardian for elderly, unassuming wards of the state.

See how she unscrupulously targets and acquired their assets for herself because she cares a lot. It’s dubious, hilarious and consequential.

 4. Concrete Cowboy

Concrete Cowboy
Source: Variety

Idris Elba, one of the most beloved Black English actors to grace the screen. Admire his good looks as he rides a horse on Fletcher street! It’s the classic situation of a child going to live with the other parent and finding it hard to adjust.

The father-son drama is entertaining and fulfilling, as family and friends come together, and an animal is used to unite and bring joy and peace amid rebellion and unrest.

3. Army of the Dead

Army Of The Dead
Source: People.com

This is not just another zombie apocalypse movie. It’s a post-zombie outbreak event. All zombies are under quarantine in a contained area in Las Vegas, and the government will nuke them in 32 hours.

However, there is $200 million in an underground casino vault in the city, and former zombie hero, Scott Ward, is propositioned to retrieve the doe, but in the process of getting it, all hell breaks loose!

2. Seaspiracy

Source: Netflix

Watch this Netflix original documentary and decide whether you’ll eat fish ever again! Or you may want to go clean up your neck of the woods and save the planet.

See how the fishing industry indiscriminately harms the oceans and how crucial it is to save and protect our waters for humanity’s sake.

1. Awake

Source: NBC News

Imagine the whole world being incapable of sleeping. “Awake” brings that situation to life. People become disoriented and begin to hallucinate.

The lack of sleep also causes people to be hysteric because they will eventually die. The mysterious cause that wipes out electronics is perpetuating insomnia must be solved by scientists ASAP.

Jill, a former soldier, realizes that her daughter might be the key to solving the mystery. She has to decide between protecting her children or sacrificing everything for humanity.

Grab your popcorn!

So many movies, so little time, but one thing is for sure. There is something for everyone to enjoy and learn. So, discover your niche and have a night full of entertainment.