14 Outdoor Projects to Spruce up Your Home

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12. Create a Backyard for Playing Games

games, backyard

If you are a people person who loves to frolic in the summer with family and friends, a backyard sports haven will get all the neighbors coming and staying.

Find that overgrown space and turn it into a tournament ground to bring out the competitive spirit we all have within. The sports of kings, such as horseshoes, croquet and bocce, are all great leisure games that will not break your windows and cost you a repair bill!

11. Build a Potting Bench

potting bench

Having a potting bench is crucial if you have a green thumb and can’t stay out of your garden. It ensures you don’t blow your back out when bending over and makes gardening much easier.

You can use your weekend time to build a potting bench to have your tools conveniently at arm’s length and save you some stooping come potting time. It will no longer be necessary to run to the garage for every tool.