14 Outdoor Projects to Spruce up Your Home

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Do you ever visit a friend’s house and wish that your backyard was like theirs? Well, it can be!

Rather than laying around all weekend, dedicate your free time to adding new features to your home. There is a feeling of freedom and excitement once you turn thoughts into action.

Continue reading to get some ideas of ways to liven up things and create a more functional yard space.

14. Build a Tree Bench

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That beautiful shady tree in the yard that sheds wondrous gold in autumn calls for a tree bench to be placed right beneath it. The bench can accommodate family and friends hanging around.

Sitting in nature is so serene, But to do so, you need somewhere to sit — somewhere to lounge quietly with a book all summer long. It could become everybody’s favorite outdoor space.

13. A Herb Planting Wagon

wagon, herbs, garden

Instead of sitting on the couch binging a new Netflix series, why not create the herb garden you’ve always wanted. That old rusty wagon forgotten in the back of the garage can be your perfect mobile herbal garden. You can wheel it to sunshiny spots and right up to your backdoor for dinner pickings.

12. Create a Backyard for Playing Games

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If you are a people person who loves to frolic in the summer with family and friends, a backyard sports haven will get all the neighbors coming and staying.

Find that overgrown space and turn it into a tournament ground to bring out the competitive spirit we all have within. The sports of kings, such as horseshoes, croquet and bocce, are all great leisure games that will not break your windows and cost you a repair bill!

11. Build a Potting Bench

potting bench

Having a potting bench is crucial if you have a green thumb and can’t stay out of your garden. It ensures you don’t blow your back out when bending over and makes gardening much easier.

You can use your weekend time to build a potting bench to have your tools conveniently at arm’s length and save you some stooping come potting time. It will no longer be necessary to run to the garage for every tool.

10. Landscape Light on Your Front Walkway

light, path

Adding landscape lighting not only increases your home’s resale value, but it adds a luxurious feel. In addition, low-voltage lights create a bit of mystery and intimacy to the property.

Plus, the lights shine on your beautiful plants and greenery. It’s a great way to enhance your home’s presence at night rather than sitting in darkness.

9. Grilling Station

grilling, station

What would summer be like without grilling or some sort of outside cooking? Get supplies for your grilling station at your favorite hardware store and follow the instructions for assembling.

Your station should include hooks to conveniently store all of your cooking tools, shelter to protect yourself from rain and counter space.

8. Alfresco Bar

bar, alfresco

Your backyard should be a sacred place where you can relax after a long day and host fun gatherings. The coolness of the outdoors demands that you bring your beverages, ice, cups, etc., and relax in your natural landscape.

Next weekend, build a mobile bar cart to bring the vacation to your yard. There are plenty of different styles you can go for depending on your taste. Here’s a list of 19 ways you can go about this project!

7. Add a Seat Wall

sitting wall

Upgrade your porch or backyard by adding a seat wall. It creates so much more seating space for hosting parties.

They are also great to build around fires so that there is room for everyone. Although it takes time to build, it isn’t very complicated.

6. Exterior Shutters

shutters exterior

Shutters are an appealing upgrade to the front or back of your house. Aside from giving relief against the summer heat, it will also offer a strong barrier against storm winds. Paint the shutters to mesh well with the rest of your home, or opt for a bright color to make them stand out.

5. The Versatile Garden Arbor

garden arbor

Choose an attractive garden arbor and strategically place it as an entrance to your beautiful garden. Then, whenever you have guests visiting your home, the arbor will lure them in and they’ll admire the beauty of your yard.

You can find some beautiful arbors at Lowes, Amazon and Wayfair. The number of pieces you have to put together will keep you busy on the weekends.

4. Add a Fire Pit

fire pit

Use one of the next weekends to build your very own fire pit. Having one in your backyard is a perfect excuse to make s’mores every summer night. Fires bring friends and family together. It provides a space to gather around to eat, drink and tell stories.

You may be intimidated by the thought of building your own, but it’s actually quite simple. All you need to buy are concrete landscaping stones, a metal fire pit ring, masonry adhesive and a rubber mallet.

3. A Raised Garden Bed

raised garden

Growing vegetables is made simple with raised garden beds. It is the best way to organize your garden plants in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Make it at a height that everyone can easily reach come harvest time. And you won’t have to kneel so much. This is a perfect weekend project for the budding gardener.

2. Your Own Picnic Table


Crowded family picnics and barbecues warrant an outdoor picnic table to ensure everyone has a place to sit. It’s a backyard staple that you can build yourself!

Picnic tables work well in all terrains and are a durable upgrade to the home space. You can paint it whatever color you’d like or keep it the classic wood color.

1. Hang a Tree Swing

tree swing

Swings are not just for the kids! They make for a relaxing way to enjoy warm weather in your backyard. Plus, they are one of the easiest and cheapest projects on this list to complete. All you need is a rope, a plank of wood and a sturdy tree. Go flying at a minimum cost!

Take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts. Take whatever you have at your disposal and create a project that you can tackle on the weekends.

There are many fun ways to pass the time as cool as possible and remember–seasons come and seasons go. And there’s always another summer, somewhere around the corner.