Top 10 most ridiculous candies of the 1990s

10. Camel Balls

You read that right – they were literally called Camel Balls. These chocolate nonpareils with a soft marshmallow center were made to look like the private parts of their furry namesake. They were discontinued pretty quickly after parents realized what their kids were munching on.

9. Charm Blow Pops

The wacky Charm Blow Pops took bubble gum to the next level. After you finished the lollipop, you could blow a bubble with the charm attached to it. Kids had contests to see who could blow the biggest bubble decorated with charms like a little balloon animal. The messy but silly candy made for some fun photos!

8. Lollipop Paint Shop

Lollipop Paint Shop allowed you to create your own swirly lollipop creations. It came with different colored candy dyes and tubes of edible paint to decorate the lollipops. While it sounded fun in theory, the end results looked pretty gross. No one wants to eat a messy swirl of tie-dyed colors.

7. Ring Pops

Giant gem-shaped Ring Pops were every kid’s obsession in the ’90s. They lit up your mouth with sour apple, cherry, and berry flavors while pretending your finger was adorned with candy jewelry. Parents probably got tired of the sticky colored rings everywhere!

6. Yoplait Trix Yogurt

What’s more ’90s than neon yogurt? Trix Yogurt capitalized on the popularity of Trix cereal to produce these tiny cups of fruity, fluorescent yogurt. Consuming all that artificial coloring couldn’t have been healthy, but we couldn’t get enough of the stuff! The commercial’s jingle is also burned into the brain of every ’90s kid.

5. Chewy Gobstoppers

The regular jawbreaker-like gobstoppers were already a favorite, but then they made them soft and chewy. These came in bright, chewy colors like blue raspberry and packed a flavor punch. The only downside was that they lacked the fun layer changes of the original hard Gobstoppers.

4. Tongue Splashers

Tongue Splashers spray candies looked like miniature paint bottles…because that’s basically what they were. Except instead of painting a canvas, the goal was to spray your tongue with bright colors. Sounds fun, but it couldn’t have been tasty. Plus, the chances of accidentally spraying your friends instead were high.

3. Sour Gummy Burgers

For some reason, the 90s decided that there had to be literal burger-shaped gummies. And not just regular burgers – they were crazy sour ones in neon green and pink buns. Just looking at them was enough to make your mouth water. Strangely, they are still available today, but decades ago they were much more absurd.

2. Bubbaloo liquid-filled sour cherry bubble gum

Bubbaloo took bubble gum to the extreme with their tiny bottles of liquid-filled gum. Opening the attached cap released an explosion of extra-sweet and extra-sour syrup inside the sour cherry gum. People either loved them or thought they were disgusting rectangles of goo. Not to mention, they turned tongues bright red!

1. Bubble Tape

The iconic giant roll of bubble gum happened in 1996 and took over the world. Bubble Tape boasted 6 feet of gum inside that could be shared by tearing off slices. The cartoon kid in the commercials blowing giant bubbles created an army of fans. Bubble Tape is still popular today, but nothing beats the OG novelty of unwrapping those first giant rolls of gum.

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