21 Best Prepared Family Meals at Costco

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12. Kirkland Signature Beef Lasagna

Beef Lasagna

If you prepared this meal from scratch, it would cost you much more than purchasing the prepared meal. But, it’s six whole pounds of delicious goodness. It’s made of USDA ground beef, whole milk ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

11. La Terra Fina Quiche


All vegetarians, here’s two-pack spinach and artichoke and cheddar and broccoli quiche. They are egg-white based and ideal for brunch, lunch or a light dinner. You can enjoy the meal hot or cold, and each yields eight servings.

10. Kirkland Signature Italian Sausage and Pasta in Wine Sauce

Italian Sausage Pasta Garlic Wine Sauce Costco Meal

For a hearty family dinner or a buffet-style post-game meal for a group of friends, this right here is perfect. It’s comfort food of classic pasta that fits your bill and fills empty stomachs.