The Best and Worst Rental Car Companies in America

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10. Europcar


Don’t be fooled by the name. Europcar is not limited to Europe. They have locations in the United States and thousands of locations globally.

Pay attention because they have hidden costs, like paying for pre-fueling and insurance. Like Fox, Europcar has a 2 ½  rating on Consumer Affairs, with many 1 star complaints.

Advantage owns E-Z, and they were both forced to pay millions of dollars to customers for allegations of overcharge on vehicles damaged by customers.

Their customers also complain about a hike in daily rates without getting their approval and hiked up insurance costs, poor communication, and shoddy customer service. Their saving grace? A wide variety of cars to choose from!

9. Advantage Rent-a-Car


Thankfully, Advantage is known for its low prices. Like E-Z, they boast a wide variety of cars but spend most of their time fielding complaints. Better Business Bureau of Business states that Advantage has a pattern of complaints.

They charge customers for damages that weren’t their fault and sneak in toll fees. You are also lucky if you get your vehicle on time after making your reservation.