The Best and Worst Rental Car Companies in America

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6. Budget


Budget is a superb choice if you want to save money. You receive a straight-up 35% discount if you pay at reservation. They give you a little below average rates and are convenient due to their 1300 locations across the United States.

The downside is they don’t offer rewards of free rentals or any such incentive. Also, their customer service is suspect. So there’s a pretty even split of people who like and people who dislike Budget.

5. Dollar Rent-a-Car


Dollar Rent-A-Car is in 61 countries and has 570 locations, including 260 in the United States and Canada. Thankfully, Dollar seems geared toward budget-conscious travelers.

Like its sister company, Thrifty, it starts eliminating the need for credit card requirements. They consider that some persons are not qualified for credit cards or prefer to use a debit card.

In addition, Dollar has a great rewards program and one of the lowest additional driver rates.