10 Unlucky Things You Should Never Keep in Your Home

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Ditch these items if you don’t want to bring bad luck to yourself.

10. A Broken Clock

Broken Clock
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According to feng shui, you’re supposed to fix all the broken items in your home. This includes any broken clocks you might have. Broken items in general reflect a sense of brokenness, and looking at them everyday can give you the feeling that you’re broken or beyond repair. But, broken clocks can also bring a bit of bad luck. According to feng shui, if you keep broken clocks in your home, you risk becoming stuck in a rut, and you won’t move forward in life. But, wait… it gets worse! When a broken clock chimes, it signals that death may soon come to your household!

9. An Unmade Bed

Unmade Bed
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If you struggle with getting your kids to make their beds, just tell them that an unmade bed will bring them bad luck. According to this superstition, not making your bed can cause you to have a sleepless night. What’s more is that this can even happen to you if you’re making your bed but get interrupted while doing so! That being said, the best thing to do is to try to stay free of distractions while making your bed. And, don’t distract your kids either so they can’t use the “I got distracted” excuse for not making their beds.

8. Upside Down Shoes

We know it may be tempting to come home and kick your shoes off after a long day at work, but what you don’t realize is that doing so may bring bad luck your way. According to Ranker, Middle Eastern news and entertainment website ScoopEmpire.com reported that this Arab superstition has a logical explanation behind it. The superstition dates back to years ago when people had dirt floors. And, as such, spiders and scorpions would crawl into people’s shoes and sometimes cause death. So, they came up with this superstition to encourage people not to leave their shoes lying around for deadly creatures to crawl into.

7. An Outdated Calendar

Outdated Calendar
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If you have any outdated calendars hanging on your walls, you’d better take them down immediately! Even if they’re not hanging up but are merely open, they can still bring you bad luck. For example, outdated calendars can bring misfortune, curtail prosperity, and even shorten your life. To prevent bad luck from coming your way, make sure you change your calendar(s) on time every month.


It’s also considered bad luck to hang up a new calendar before the year begins.

6. Green Paint

Green Paint
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You’d think that since the color green is associated with good luck in Irish folklore, it would also bring you a bit of good luck in your home. But, the truth of the matter is green paint is said to do the exact opposite — and for good reason. Once upon a time, green dyes were made with cupric hydrogen arsenic. And, when damp, green-painted or papered walls would release toxic gases. As a result, some factory workers fell ill and died from exposure to the dyes. And, even though this toxic compound is no longer used today, some people still feel it’s best to avoid green paint altogether.

5. Lava Rocks or Sand from Hawaii

If you plan on vacationing in Hawaii, make sure you DON’T bring any lava rocks or sand back with you. According to the Legend of Pele’s Curse, taking lava rocks or sand from Hawaii will cause you to have a string of bad luck until you return the items to the islands. Whether this is true or not remains to be a mystery. But, that hasn’t stopped some people from believing in it. In fact, hundreds of visitors send packages of lava rocks and sand back to Hawaii every year because they believe they’ll have bad luck if they don’t.

4. An Empty Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair
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According to Irish legend, an empty rocking chair is an open invitation for evil spirits to enter your home. And, if you find the chair rocking all on its own, then there’s a pretty good chance that there’s an evil spirit already taking up residence in your home. Or, it could just be the wind, right? Either way, you’d better get that chair out of your home ASAP and call in an exorcist — or at least the Ghostbusters so they can blast that thing to smithereens!

3. An Open Umbrella

Open Umbrellas
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Opening an umbrella indoors can be dangerous, especially if someone were to get poked by it. But, that’s not the reason why it supposedly brings bad luck. This superstition, which dates back to ancient Egypt, says that an umbrella serves as a form of protection. And, when you open one inside, you offend the guardian spirits keeping watch over your home by implying that their protection isn’t good enough. Since many people are afraid of incurring the wrath of a jealous spirit, they avoid opening their umbrella indoors.

2. Mirrors

Old Mirror
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We’ve all heard the superstition about a broken mirror bringing seven years of bad luck. But, did you know that if a person dies and you don’t cover the mirrors, their soul could become trapped inside? That’s because a mirror can steal a person’s soul. At least that’s what some ancient cultures believed anyway.

Here are some other things you may not have known:

-If you hang a mirror facing your bed it will bring bad relationship problems to your healthy marriage.

-You should never have mirrors in your home’s entryway. That’s because they repel all the good energy from entering your home.

1. Personalized Welcome Mats

Welcome Mat
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Now, you are probably wondering to yourself, “How on earth can a personalized welcome mat bring somebody bad luck?” Well, we’ll tell you. According to Realtor.com, Katie Weber, a certified feng shui expert and creator of the e-zine Red Lotus Letter, says that a personalized welcome mat “symbolizes guests walking on the family’s name.”

“It is better to leave doormats plain and place the family’s name in a place where one looks up, not down,” she added.

TIP: According to popular feng shui decorating tips, you should choose a doormat that’s either square or with triangular and star shapes to express the Earth element; a doormat that’s square, round or has those shapes in its design to express the Metal element; and a doormat that’s blue or black and has either a round or wavy design to express the Water element.


Your turn! What things do you believe bring bad luck to your home? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!