10 Ways To Save On Your Next Restaurant Meal

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8. Eat at Home

No, we’re not talking about skipping the restaurant altogether. We’re not talking about takeout or delivery either. We’re talking about eating before you get to the restaurant. No, not a full meal, but a light snack beforehand.

The reason is that you’re more likely to order more, and consequently, spend more if you go to a restaurant on an empty stomach. And, if you have cake and ice cream at home, eat dessert there instead of ordering it at the restaurant.

7. Dine During Off-Hours

Breakfast Restaurant

Ordering brunch, early bird specials or lunch can save you money. Brunch is the cheapest meal of the weekend and includes a mix of breakfast and lunch foods. That way, you won’t be stuck ordering bacon and eggs when you really want the chicken salad.

Lunch is always cheaper than dinner. And, as you’ve probably noticed, lunch dishes are only a tad bit smaller than dinner dishes. So, you’re getting almost the same amount of food at a discount.

You can check if your favorite restaurant will allow you to order off the lunch menu during dinner. Dining out on certain days of the week can save you money, too. For example, the beginning of the week is usually slow for most restaurants. As a result, they usually offer their best-priced specials on these days.

Don’t eat out on major holidays, particularly Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Restaurants know that people will be taking their loved ones out to celebrate on these days. As a result, many establishments will only offer fixed-price menus featuring meals that are way more expensive than the entrées.