10 Ways To Save On Your Next Restaurant Meal

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2. Add Up Your Bill

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Whatever you do, NEVER automatically hand over your cash or credit card to the waiter without first looking at your bill. Why? To catch any mistakes. Sometimes waiters can accidentally bring out the wrong check.

The last thing you want to do is pay for a bunch of food you didn’t even order. Unfortunately, that’s what almost happened to Reader’s Digest writer Dana Meredith. The waiter accidentally brought Dana the check for a nearby table of eight.

Needless to say, their bill was considerably higher than Dana’s, which was a check for two. So, the next time you dine out, do yourself a favor and add up your bill before paying.

1. Go During Happy Hour

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According to an article published by The Penny Hoarder, you should try eating at restaurant bars during happy hour. Why? Well, for one thing, you’ll save money on drinks.

Additionally, you’ll find half-priced appetizers at many places — but only in the bar area. A third reason, although unrelated to how much money you’ll spend, is seating.

If you sit at the bar, chances are you’ll get to skip the long wait to be seated at a table or booth in the restaurant’s main dining area.