Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

There are certain events and happenings around the world that can't be explained by any scientific theory or logical reasoning. Considering human nature, that's always drenched with curiosity and quest to reveal the secrets of nature, such unexplainable happenings and events are then termed as mysteries. Every now and then scientists, physicians, intelligence agencies make their efforts to solve these unexplainable events and come up with some new answers to these facts which make them even more mysterious.

I think that's what mysteries are! A challenge to every new generation. In this article, you will read about some of the great mysteries around the world that remain unsolved and remind us that some milestones are yet to be achieved.

10. Jatinga: Birds commit suicide in moonless nights

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Imagine you are travelling on a moonless night in Asam and suddenly you see the countless dead bodies of birds dropping down from the sky. Yes, this actually happens in Asam during the months of September and October.

People have reported such happenings between 6.30 pm -9.00 pm on moonless nights. No one can tell, why this happens? as the dead bodies of birds don't offer any clue related to the cause of their death. Some people call these nights as the haunting nights when spiritual creatures travel from one place to another. This mystery ranks number 10 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

9. The Phoenix Lights

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

March 13, 1997, was the night when thousands of people had seen a series of unidentified flying objects in the skies over Nevada, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. A series of straight stationary lights was seen in the Phoenix area followed by a triangular formation of lights over the Arizona State. The strange formation of lights were again reported in 2007 and 2008 as well. This mystery ranks number 9 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

8. The Mohatta Palace : A Place where Objects Come to Life

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

The Mohatta Palace is basically a museum where objects are reported to come to life and move from one place to another. The guards in the museum reported that the objects have the tendency to even speak and most of the time a white light is seen coming from the hallway. A mysterious place indeed! This mystery ranks number 8 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

7. A Strange Lifeboat On The Bouvet Island

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Bouvet Island, the most isolated landmass lying deep in the Atlantic is situated 1700kms south. The landmass is believed to have never seen any kind of life on it as the place is not suitable for inhabitation by any of the species. In 1967, a British expedition when returned from their trip to isolated island reported that they had discovered an abandoned lifeboat on the island. It was strange to hear them saying that the boat was in good condition and there were oars some wood and a drum not far from the boat.

But most interesting thing is when again an expedition had visited the island they reported that there was as such no evidence of such boat and the things lying beside it were also not there. No one can explain from where the boat had come and where did it go? This mystery ranks number 7 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

6. The Death Stream

The Death Stream

"The Death Stream", is a name given to a stream in New Delhi in India, that is believed to suck people in it. The people reported that whenever anyone tried to cross the stream by swimming through it, no one survived. The stream is believed to pull anything that comes in direct contact. No one can explain why those deaths happen and why couldn't people swim there way out of it? This mystery ranks number 6 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

5. Floating Islands of Loktak

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

What a mysterious sight that would be? Seeing small islands floating on the surface of the lake in Manipur. The people reported that the islands had never stopped moving for years.

The islands are believed to made of soil, organic matter and vegetation. No one can tell, from where these islands appear and why they had never stopped? This mystery ranks number 5 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

4. Brides Appearing At Karsaz

Karsaz-Bride Mystery-Karachi

Thousands of people in Karachi, Pakistan claimed that they had seen women dressed in bridal at Karsaz, the most populated place in Karachi. People reported that the brides ask people to marry them and when someone resists then the victim is subjected to an immense mental shock leading to coma at times.

There were many investigations made regarding such events but no one come up with a solid reasoning that from where these women dressed in bridal come and where did they disappear? This mystery ranks number 4 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

3. People Are Hypnotised To Commit Suicide

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Agrasenki Baoli was constructed by Maharaja Agrasen in the late 14th century. The place got mysteriously filled with black waters when Baoli started dipping in its hey days. That mysterious black water is believed to hypnotise anyone who sees it and the victim commits suicide. No one knows the cause of the death of victims but all of them are somehow related to this place. This mystery ranks number 3 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

2. The Hanging Pillar Of Lepakshi

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

The hanging Pillar of Lepakshi is indeed a mystery in itself. You can even swipe a piece of cloth or paper midair that separates the pillar and the ground. A long time ago, a British Engineer tried to reveal the secret of this hanging pillar but his efforts resulted in no more than dislodging the pillar. Some of the people also believe that whole of the complex stands on this mysterious pillar. This mystery ranks number 2 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.

1. Underground Bases of UFO in Kongka La Pass

Top 10 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Well before talking about this mystery I must tell you that tourists are not allowed to visit Kongka La Pass, where it is believed that there are underground bases of UFO. People from both sides of the Indo-China border have seen UFO coming out the ground and travelling to the sky. It remains a case of an enigma, and it is very hard to deny so many witnesses of these UFO. This mystery ranks number 1 in our top 10 mysteries that remain unsolved.


Well, no one can tell, how long these mysteries will remain mysteries but somehow the mysterious nature of such happenings is far too complicated than what we ever thought and that's why these events always pose a real case of an enigma to us.