10 Amazing Ways To Save Space In A Tiny Apartment


Living in a compact space often means we have to make certain sacrifices. We have no choice but to downsize and prioritize how we choose to fill our space due to a lack of storage. But often, there are solutions that help us capitalize on unused space that we didn’t even realize existed. With a critical eye, we can look around and spot ways to add more storage, and we begin to realize that perhaps we didn’t have to sacrifice as much as previously thought. While some are naturals at this, most of us need a little help – so come along and learn ten amazing ways to save space in a tiny apartment!

10. Sliding Shelves

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There is often tons of wasted space in kitchen cabinets. People tend to stack the items they need in front where it can be easily reached, leaving the back and top of the cabinet empty and unused. Solve this common problem with the addition of sliding shelves. These wire shelving units are placed into your cabinet, and make every inch of space accessible! You’ll easily double the amount of storage space you thought you had.

9. Vertical Towel Rack

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Does your tiny apartment have little to no bathroom storage? This issue is easily resolved by installing a vertical towel rack. The stylish rack hangs from the wall and offers a tidy and out-of-the-way solution for storing your clean linens. It can also be used to store throw blankets, sweatshirts, and even wine bottles!

8. Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

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The biggest problem in a tiny kitchen is definitely the lack of counter space. Though it may seem impossible to create counter space out of thin air, that simply isn’t true! This adjustable cutting board is designed to fit over your sink – an area that is typically unused during most of your food prepping time. It even has an inset collapsible colander for cleaning and draining your veggies.

7. Sliding Pantry

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Do you have a few spare inches of unused space next to your refrigerator? Who knew that a small gap could be re-purposed into a full pantry! This slim unit is on wheels, allowing it to be filled with your groceries and slid out of sight.

6. Magnetic Spice Jars

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Move aside the pictures and take out menus, and make space on your fridge for another small kitchen storage solution. These tiny jars connect to your fridge and offer a clean looking way to store your spices – while also freeing up precious pantry space. These jars, however, can be used to store any small items – nails, pushpins, paperclips, etc. The sky is the limit!

5. Armrest Tables

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No need to waste precious floor space on a coffee table any longer! The arm rest table will hold your beverages, books, and devices, completely eliminating the need for a table that you don’t have room for. One of the main goals in apartment living is finding products with dual purposes that simultaneously eradicate the need for large furniture. This mini table checks all the boxes!

4. Mounted Folding Table

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In a tiny apartment, a dining room table seems like an unnecessary waste of space. But with this mounted folded table, you can have the table without taking up any area! When not in use, it folds up into the wall, completely out of the way. It can even double as your work space. This multi-use table is a great solution for any small living space.

3. Ottoman/Fold Out Bed

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Tiny apartment living doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice having overnight guests! You can still be a host with this compact fold out bed, which turns into an ottoman when not in use. This handy invention means you’ll never feel unprepared for out of town guests.

2. Shower Curtain with Pockets

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No bathroom storage? No problem! You can now store all of your soaps, shampoos, and products directly in your shower curtain. Never before would you have considered your shower curtain as a storage space, but these days it certainly can be. Creating space out of nowhere is an important part of tiny apartment living!

1. Hot Iron Holster

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A realistic assumption of a tiny bathroom is that you will have a severe lack of counter space. How are you expected to get ready in the morning with all of your makeup products and hot tools strewn about? This hot iron holster easily attaches itself to your sink or counter, virtually taking up no room at all. You can put your piping hot straighteners and irons directly inside, without fear of melting or burning. What a great way to reclaim some of your precious counter space!

If you have learned anything from reading along, it’s that getting creative with your apartment will absolutely lead to extra storage space for your belongings. A shelf here, and a pocket there – every inch adds up! One day, we may all be able to live in our dream home… but until then we’ll need to continue our tiny apartment ways.