10 Common Emojis You’re Using Wrong

5 min read

Billions of emojis are used daily in chats. But, the question is: Are you using those emojis in the right way? Chances are you’re not. That said, here are ten common emojis you’re probably using wrong.

10. Woman Tipping Hand

Woman Tipping Hand
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Vincent Le Moign 

If you thought the “woman tipping hand” emoji was used to convey sass, you’re not alone. I’ve seen it used that way so many times, especially in comments under YouTube videos. But, if you’re using it in that way, you’re using it incorrectly. So, what is its actual meaning, then? It’s an information desk person.

FUN FACT: In addition to being used as a “sassy girl,” this emoji is also used by people to represent a bellhop, a concierge, and hair flicking.

9. Folded Hands

Folded Hands
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Google 

The “folded hands” (or “hands pressed together”) emoji isn’t symbolic of praying hands, as I’m sure many of you thought. It can mean one of two things depending on where you’re from. In Japan people use it to ask for forgiveness — which is sorta like praying since forgiveness is one of the things you pray for, but I digress. In America, it’s supposed to be used as a high-five.

FUN FACT: This emoji is also known as the namaste, please or thank you emoji.