10 Essential Beach Accessories

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Summer is here, and how better to spend your long days and warm evenings than with a perfect day at the beach? There is no better feeling than having your toes in the warm sand, listening to the peaceful sound of waves crashing nearby. Sounds perfect, right? You may have thought it couldn’t get much better, but you are about to be proven wrong with this list of ten essential beach accessories. You’ll soon see why your standard beach towel and chair have not been providing you with all of the relaxation and pleasure you could have been enjoying all along!

10. Beach Safe

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A common fear for any beachgoer is the safety of their essentials – phone, wallet, keys, etc. If you have the urge for a cooling dip in the water, how can you be sure that your valuables are safe? Tucking them into your shoe is, by this point, an outdated solution. With this portable beach safe, you can swim happily knowing that your belongings are safely locked up, waiting for you when you return.

9. Sunscreen Applicator

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For those of us who enjoy the occasional solo trip to the beach, applying sunscreen on our backs is a common issue. Don’t come home with an unsightly burn on your backside – show up prepared with this sunscreen applicator. It helps cover all the hard-to-reach places for a safer and more comfortable trip to your favorite sandy shore.

8. Cellphone Notification Device

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In this day and age, no one wants to leave their cell phones behind for fear of being out of touch. This can be tricky at the beach, however, where you must also be vigilant of damaging sand and water. With this waterproof clip, you can keep your phone tucked safely away and still feel connected to the world.  The tiny, lightweight device can be clipped to your suit and will vibrate whenever your phone has a notification – making it the ultimate accessory for your summer at the beach.

7. Tillow

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The Tillow is the ultimate, all-in-one beach towel that will be your best friend all summer long. The over-sized towel comes equipped not only with an orthopedic pillow, but a hidden, waterproof pocket for your valuables and a touchscreen compatible pocket – making using your phone accessible and safe! What more could you possibly ask for from your towel?

6. Waterproof Pouch Bag

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If you don’t trust other options of hiding your important belongings on the beach while you take a dip, then this pouch may be the solution for you. You can now swim with ease knowing that your valuables are securely attached to your body. Knowing that your items are safe from sand and water makes this a perfect solution for swimmers, surfers, and kayakers alike.

5. Beach Wagon

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Perhaps the worst part of any beach day are the trips to and from the car necessary for setting up your site. Walking in the hot sand is never fun, and the multiple journeys to the parking lot can be draining. With a multipurpose beach wagon, you can consolidate all of your tips into one easy walk, getting you in the sun and sand much more quickly. You can pack in every beach accessory without consequence, and be the envy of your neighboring beach goers!

4. Personal Sunscreen Umbrella

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Do you like having shade but hate setting up a full umbrella? Or, do you want to soak in the sun but keep your face in the shade? This personal sunscreen may be the perfect solution for you. It is easily set up with a simple chair clip, and adjustable so that it can be perfectly placed for your comfort. Small and lightweight, you can easily add it to your beach bag alongside your towel and sunblock.

3. Cooler/Speaker Combo

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Every beach day is made complete with a cooler filled with cold drinks and snacks. Kick it up a notch and add wheels and speakers – now you have the perfect beach buddy! The bluetooth enabled speakers makes playing music while keeping your cell phone safely tucked away from the sand and water an achievable feat.

2. Imprint Flip Flops

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Make your footwear work for you with these awesome imprint flip flops. Now, every time you walk on the sand, you are inviting the world to bring you a beer with every step. Having unique and functional beachwear is important, and these sandals tick both of those boxes.

1. Bike Surfboard Rack

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If your day at the beach includes surfing, then this surfboard rack for your bicycle is essential. Parking at the beach on a hot day can be a nightmare, so avoid the headache altogether and bike your way to the shore. With this convenient rack, you can now bring your bulky board along with you, hassle free.

Little else can beat a warm sunny day hanging out at the beach. And now, with the perfect gear in hand, you will never want to leave. Load up the car with your towels, sunscreen, and coolers, and prepare to have your perfect summer.