10 Addictive Free-to-Play Anime Games on Mobile (Part 1)

Addictive Free-to-Play Anime Games on Mobile

Do you often have that itch to play a new game on your smartphone? Or play a mobile game showing your love for anime? Games come in all types of genres, but one thing’s for certain: they can be addicting. Here we list down 10 addictive free-to-play anime games you’d want to try for your Android or iOS.

(Notes: This does not include otomes, visual novels, or heavy MMORPGs. Some games take more space than others. Make sure to have plenty of free time before trying any of these.)

Crash Fever (Puzzle RPG)

Ever wanted a fun, colorful, and catchy puzzle game to keep you company? Better yet, could you imagine playing such a game with three other players? Crash Fever is the sort of game that’s incredibly simple yet satisfying to play, whether you play it alone or with others in co-op. Gameplay involves having “units” to fight for you, but you’ll be in charge on how much damage they’ll attack by tapping on “Panel” or the multi-colored gems you’ll see on the screen. Build a chain of combos and eventually activate “Fever Mode” which allows you to poke your screen as many times as you want. (Trust me on this; you’d want to get “Fever Mode” again once you’ve tried it.)

With a hundred or more characters having their unique skills, as well as an assortment of events, you’ll definitely waste time playing this game.

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG (Shoot ‘em up RPG)

Familiar with Touhou? Or better yet, Space Invaders? This is what Dragon Heroes is—a shoot ‘em up with anime characters instead of airplanes or spaceships. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the genre or a die-hard shmup fan; you can certainly enjoy playing this game on your Android/iOS. All you need is a single finger (maybe two, if you’re switching characters and/or activating a skill) to guide characters into shooting their foes. With its stunning 2D graphics, pumped-up music, and 225 characters to discover and collect, you’d be surprised on how many hours you could go through with just Story Mode.

Dream Girlfriend / Dream Boyfriend -Astral Days- (Simulation)

Whether you’re in it for outfits or actually want to build your own “waifu” / “husbando”, both Dream Girlfriend and Dream Boyfriend -Astray Days- let you chat, design, and create the ideal partner for you to work with. Always wanted to have that short red-haired tsundere in a maid/butler outfit? This game has you covered (if you manage to get the outfit via gacha).

Similar to real life, your partner can study (to improve their personality) or work to earn coins. They also get tired and can fall asleep. (You can also customize how they look while sleeping.) You and your partner can also participate in ongoing events or have special ‘cutscenes’ while talking. At times, they might also ask you to touch their head to pick off a leaf (sometimes a poster). Other times, they’ll ask you something, which can slightly change their “affection” towards you.

Whatever reason you’ll have to play, it’ll sure get you hooked for awhile!

Game of Dice (Board)

Described as a mix of Monopoly, Sorry!, and even Yu-Gi-Oh! (via cards), Game of Dice is meant for the risk-takers at heart. The game also makes it easy for new players by giving out daily free draws and all things needed to compete with other players.

It starts with a fun Baccano!-like introduction to the game’s cast of quirky and eccentric characters, each having their own stats. After going through the tutorial, you receive a certain amount of JOY, which you can bet and use similar to poker chips. Skill cards help you through the game by supporting what you can do (or have) or sabotage others. Like Monopoly, the main goal is to be the last player standing… with whatever means you can. Take over cities? Make rent higher? Use skill cards? That’s all up to you.

To make things even harder, there’s a certain “mini battle” you could land on which multiplies as time passes. With 1:1:1, it’s a simple game of coin toss; with 1:1, it’s rock-paper-scissors.

Are you willing to bet your JOY on that? You could certainly bet you’d get an adrenaline rush playing!

Guns Girl – School DayZ (Action)

Also known as “Guns GirlZ”, this Chinese action mobile game is charming for a game about high school girls surviving a zombie apocalypse. It might not have the best voice-acting nor have the cleanest translations, but its assortment of weapons and equipment allow you to play the game as a beat-’em-up… with guns. Or a giant leek. (Unless chainsaws are more of your thing.) It’s definitely worth checking out for yourself!

Who knows how many hours you’d spend casually playing this?

Hachi Hachi (Rhythm PvP)

Even if you’ve never played osu! or other rhythm-based games, Hachi Hachi gives you an easy-to-learn and fun experience with music on your phone. This rhythm game also provides you with a wide variety of catchy songs to play with each level. Once you get better (or are already a complete expert), you can challenge other players in a rhythm showdown!

Other awesome games include Cytus (a beautiful game free only for Android), Deemo (a charming storytelling rhythm game), and Voez (found in Part 2!). Try them all out today and play along with the beat!


What if I told you that you could play the JRPGs of your childhood FREE for your Android/iOS? Or play JRPGs in general? That’s what KEMCO made with this long list of games, including:

– Fairy Elements
– Antiquia Lost
– Machine Knight
– Asdivine Cross
– Glorious Savior
– Dragon Sinker
– Revenant Dogma
– Asdivine Dios
– Cystareino
– End of Aspiration F
– Asdivine Menace
– Bonds of the Skies

… enough to keep you busy for hours on end!

Monster Super League (Strategy RPG)

Time to catch some… Astromon! How? By using an Astrogun and capturing them inside a poker chip.

Monster Super League (MSL) feels similar to Pokémon, but has a surprising amount of creatures with their own elemental counterparts and ‘variation’ (think like a shiny Pokémon… but actually useful). You can eventually evolve them by using multiples of similar-looking Astromon and change their appearance. Each Astromon can be assigned to roles (e.g. Tank, Attacker, Defender) and could have multiple elements depending on its species.

If you like to collect, you’ll be rewarded for capturing/obtaining the first of whatever Astromon you’ll find. You can also see all your Astromon running around in your airship (home base) and clicking them makes them strike a pose.

With the story, the amount of interactions you can do in your airship, and countless events, you wouldn’t notice time passing by with MSL!

Otogi: Spirit Agents (Card RPG)

Complete with voice acting, Otogi: Spirit Agents’ storyline makes you feel like you’re part of an anime!

Because of this, it’s difficult to completely explain it without spoiling the game. At most, the gameplay involves ‘recruiting’ spirits (via summoning ‘cards’) to fight for you in battle against evil spirits and demons. Each character has a skill with a certain amount of cost which makes fighting involve a bit of strategy besides letting them tackle head-on. (You also get a cute assistant who calls you “Master”!)

A game similar to this is “Girls X Battle”. Both of them are worth checking out!

Phantom of the Kill (Strategy RPG)

Animated cutscenes? A Fire Emblem-like SRPG complete with Japanese voice acting? AND crossovers from different anime? You get it all here in Phantom of the Kill.

If you aren’t familiar with the Fire Emblem series, then you’ll learn a bit of how it plays with this game. (Or try FE’s own “Fire Emblem Heroes” which is also free!) The game involves a team of six (one of them being from another player) using strategy to engage with enemies in different tiles. Each character can have a certain weapon (e.g. guns, staffs, swords) and provides their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you are familiar with FE and/or tactical RPGs in general, its four modes will keep you busy thinking up on ways to approach your foes.

That about wraps up Part 1 of 10 addictive free-to-play anime games. Let us know down below if you agree with our list or have a Android/iOS anime game you’re addicted to.

Have fun!