10 Fun Activities To Stay Active

4 min read

For many of us, living an active lifestyle does not come naturally, and that is totally ok. It is hard to compete with those who get up early every morning to work out before a long day at work!

Do you need a workout buddy to motivate you? Or do you get bored easily by workouts? If you answered yes, the following activities will help you maintain an active lifestyle in a fun and unique way!

10. Virtual Dance Party

Zoom Dance Party

When was the last time you let your hair down and got unrestrained! Dancing is a great way to release those feel-good endorphins. What’s more, is it increases spatial awareness. The human race is naturally musical, so dancing is always a good idea.

To stay safe during your dance party, you can do it over zoom! Make it fun by having a competition. Before you know it, you will have worked up a sweat while having fun with friends.

9. Change Up Your Workout Routine

Workout Home

People are missing the gym since many are closed due to the pandemic. Even if one near you is open, you might not want to risk going. But not to worry, you can still get moving from the comfort home!

There are so many workout apps available, and a ton of workouts can be found on youtube. With all of the options out there, you can change up the workout you do daily.

8. Take the Stairs


Stairs are no fun right? Well, if you change your perception anything can be fun! If you live in an apartment building with many floors, opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you do this several times per day, you will feel how much it works the glutes and major muscles in the legs! Especially when you are getting older and can’t manage intense workouts like you would love to, the stairs are a healthy alternative to get the heart rate up.

7. Walk During Meetings

Walk Meeting

Workplace meetings are something most of us deal with weekly. If you have meetings regularly, rather than sitting through them, you could decide to walk as you talk. Doing so will help you stay active while being productive! Plus, walking is a great way to clear your mind. Get out of that stuffy office space. Who says you have to sit there all day while working. Walk away as you talk away! It is a fun and creative way to keep active!

6. Get Virtually Adventurous 


Are you a gamer? Discover the many apps to download that keep you active. For those into zombies, the zombies run game is an adventure you will be excited about! Or, go treasure hunting with the Geocaching games that require you to walk while playing the adventurous game. Log in, get your mask on, and get started on your virtual adventures.

5. Dog Meet-Up 

Dog Walk

Many dog owners take their dogs for walks daily as a form of exercise for their dogs and themselves. To make dog walks more fun, you can meet up with other dog parents for a doggy play-date. Go walking, running, and hiking together.

4. Hiking


If you love nature, take the time to find the best hiking trails near you. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you could drive to a trail far away to explore new areas. Hiking is a way to have fun and get fit at the same time.

Not only is it a good way to stay active, but it is a great bonding activity to do with friends and family. Pack some food and water, make sure your phone is charged, and others know where you are, then hike it out a-there!

3. Rock Climb

Rock Climbing

You may not be a rock climber, but there is no better time to become one! Who knows, it may turn into your new favorite hobby. Begin small and keep at it. Sooner or later, you’ll be strong and able to climb far. You’ll need to do some research to find a good climbing gym in your area.

An indoor or outdoor gym instructor can show you the ropes. It’s such an achievement when you reach the top. It’s especially great for the back and the arm muscles, but your whole body is in motion when you are rock climbing!

2. Orienteering


Orienteering is a navigation activity that requires competitors to travel cross-country, on foot, or on bikes. They have to locate and travel to different areas as soon as possible. This provides the necessary workout while learning navigational skills! How cool is that!

1. Play With Your Kids

Active Workout Kids

You don’t need to go anywhere for this one! Most of us are at home now and can choose playtime randomly if we are tired of the monotonous routine! Kids get bored easily, but there is a myriad of active games. Capture the flag is a fun one! Or turn your backyard into a sports field.

Playing with your kids will tire them out quickly, so you can enjoy some quiet time when they fall asleep early. Plus, you get a good workout all while bonding with family.

Looking for fun ways to stay active is important to staying healthy, and during these unprecedented times, prioritizing health is crucial. As you have learned, there are many fun things to do that will help you transition into a more active lifestyle!