10 Handy Products You Shouldn’t Travel Without

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For most people, there is no more exciting prospect than that of a nice, long vacation. However, once you’re thousands of miles away from home, problems of space needs, comfort, and safety begin to surface. Sometimes the best way to tackle these issues is by planning ahead and eliminating the possibility of troubling travel dilemmas. Here are the 10 handiest products that you shouldn’t travel without!

10. Vacuum Storage Bags

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One of the biggest pains when embarking on a long trip is figuring out ways to fit every article of clothing into your suitcase. One solution to free up room in your luggage is to use vacuum storage bags. Especially effective on larger items, such as coats, vacuum bags make it possible to remove all air from the garments, shrinking them considerably in size.

9. Portable Phone Charger

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Nothing is worse than having a dead phone – especially in a foreign country when you are probably relying on it for translations, directions, and picture taking. When you know that you will be outside (and away from an outlet) all day long, be sure you have a portable phone charger to avoid this headache. These small chargers ensure your phone will ready for use all day long!

8. Nylon Shoe Bags

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These nylon shoe bags are so brilliant, it’s a shock that they weren’t invented a long time ago. It can be hard to configure your suitcase in a way that keeps your dirty, smelly traveling shoes away from your clean clothes. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. But these simply designed shoe bags make it easy to keep those dirty soles from soiling anything else you’ve decided to pack.

7. Odor Eliminators

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These nifty odor eliminating bags use the power of bamboo and charcoal to combat the stench from dirty clothes and shoes. If you have an extra few inches in your luggage, it seems like a no-brainer to toss one in. When traveling, it can sometimes be awhile before your next laundry day, but with these helpful little sacks, no one around you has to know!

6. Hanging Shelving Unit

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If you hate “living out of your suitcase”, then this product is a must-have for you. These shelves can move directly from hanging into your closet to folded inside your luggage in mere moments. Owning one of these units makes the hassle of packing and unpacking suddenly a breeze.

5. Packing Cubes

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Another luggage space saver and organizing hack can be found in these relatively unheard of “packing cubes”. By sorting your clothes into the cubes, which then seem to condense the matter considerably, you can easily find what you are looking for without turning your entire wardrobe into a jumbled mess. Use them to separate your pants from your shirts, your clean clothes from your dirty clothes, or however else you see fit.

4. Foot Hammock

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One of the worst parts of vacation, without a doubt, is the actual act of traveling. Planes, trains, and buses have become so cramped that it is impossible to be comfortable without shelling out thousands of dollars to travel first class. If you find your legs constantly looking for a comfortable position, consider trying a foot hammock. It is lightweight and easy to pack, and is adjustable so that you can find a position that (finally) makes you comfortable.

3. Multi-Bag Stacker

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When a trip is long enough to warrant multiple suitcases, a multi-bag stacker is a must. Sure, some airports provide luggage carts – but what happens once you step foot outside of the airport? How is one person supposed to maneuver multiple bags with ease? The only solution seems to be a multi-bag stacker, which makes rolling several bags as easy as pie.

2. Portable Safe

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Any traveler knows the importance of keeping their belongings safe, especially when staying in a hostel or shared room. By bringing a portable safe along, you can ensure that your cameras, laptops, and tablets can be left behind untampered with. Attach to a sink drain or other stationary object, and sightsee anxiety-free!

1. International Power Adapter

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While this should be a no-brainer, many travelers are unaware that not all countries may use the same outlets that you are used to. Packing your hair dryer and chargers is a useless task if you don’t have an adapter to make them work. The smartest way to travel is with an adapter that can be used in multiple places – some can work in up to 150 countries!

All of these products are affordable ways to avoid common problems that all travelers experience. Sometimes, a good travel hack can be the difference between a perfect, seamless trip and a vacation filled with disaster after disaster. Be in the know, plan ahead, and enjoy your exotic vacations problem-free.