10 Hidden Airplane Features You Never Knew About

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4. Gas Masks

Gas Mask

It’s no secret that airplanes are equipped with oxygen masks. After all, if the plane loses cabin pressure, you’re going to need to be able to breathe in that oxygen-deprived atmosphere way up there in the sky. But, did you know that airplanes are equipped with gas masks, too? But, they’re not for passenger use. They’re actually for the flight attendants for two reasons — 1) to free them up to move about the cabin to address any problems that arise, and 2) to keep them from breathing in smoke in the event a fire breaks out. After all, they’ll be the ones battling the blaze.

3. Chemicals

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Speaking of oxygen masks, did you know that it’s not exactly oxygen you’re breathing? It’s not even compressed air. It’s actually a mix of chemicals that, when burned, produces oxygen. It’s true. And, it makes sense, too. Oxygen tanks are way too heavy and bulky for an airplane, so they use chemicals like barium peroxide, sodium chlorate, and potassium chlorate to create their own oxygen.

-Barium peroxide is a fine white powder used in fireworks.
-Sodium chlorate is more commonly used as a weedkiller.

2. The Black Triangle

Airplane Window

If you look in the middle of the plane, you’ll see a black triangle above some windows. Each one of these triangles lines up with the edge of the plane’s wing. But, why are they there? It’s to let the crew know which windows are best to look out of if there’s a suspected problem with the flaps, slats, or engines.

You, as a passenger, can use the black triangle to your advantage as well, particularly if you’re prone to motion sickness. If you are, you can ask a flight attendant if it’d be okay for you to move to a seat between the triangles. That spot is the plane’s center of gravity, and sitting between them will give you the smoothest ride possible.

1. Yellow Hooks on the Wings

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You probably never noticed this, but if you look out the window, you can spot yellow hooks in the middle of the plane’s wings. Those hooks are there for passengers to hold on to in case the plane needs to make an emergency water landing. Otherwise, the wings would be too slippery to get to the inflatable slide, and everyone would end up in the water instead. But, it’s not actually the hooks you would hold on to. Instead, the cabin crew will slide a rope through one hook and fasten it to the next. Then, the passengers can hold on to the rope as they make their way safely away from the plane.


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