10 Most Inspirational Political Leaders

Inspirational Political Leaders - Winston Churchill

History is filled with a vast number of inspirational political leaders. A large section of the society was impressed with these political leaders and considered their belief and sayings as revelations from God Himself. The people had something called a ‘blind faith’ in those leaders. Some of these leaders include the great leaders like Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill.

These leaders had one distinguishing feature that all of them were selfless and worked for the welfare of the people. Here is the list of the top 10 most inspirational political leaders of all times:

10. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a great inspirational political leader who faced a large number of odds in his political life, like he was ignored as a youth politician and discouraged when he was a cabinet member and warned the people in strongest terms against Adolf Hitler. But he didn’t lose hope and continued to raise his voice for the people. This selfless interest in politics made him Prime Minister and he led his empire to victory during the World War II in front of unsurmountable odds of the Nazis.

When the lutwaffe bombers came to destroy the England cities and industry, he encouraged the people to fight back and said, “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall defend at the beaches, we shall defend in the streets and fight those who try to oppress us, we shall never surrender.” And they didn’t surrender and due to Winston Churchill historic words, the nation united and fought the bombers. Most people call this as the finest hour in the British history. Due to this, many experts consider him as the greatest leader England had ever produced.

9. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. saw oppression in the United States since his childhood. Little did this kid know that he would become the greatest force for the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He was a great inspirational leader for the African Americans. Martin Luther King is mostly popular for fighting for civil rights through a nonviolent civil disobedience movement. He has become a legendary figure in the history of Modern Liberalism.

He became a civil right activist early in his life. He supervised the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and held Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957 and became its first President. Due to his non-violent efforts, Martin Luther King was bestowed with Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. During his last days, his efforts were focused on ending poverty and stopping Vietnam War.

8. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was evil but many political figures and people draw their inspiration from him. He was the founding father of the Nazi party and served as the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. He will always be remembered in history for his role in World War II and the Holocaust. He served as a veteran in World War I and joined the Worker’s Party and became its leader in 1921. He was sentenced to prison for five years after failing in his Beer Hall Putsch incident.

He got major political support after his release in 1924. Due to overwhelming support, he became the sole leader of the Nazi Party and declared Britain as an enemy and started preparing for World War II. He was defeated in World War II by the Red army after a gruesome battle.

7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great political leader who helped America during its worst years of The Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt was struck with polio at the age of 29 years and both his legs were paralyzed. But yet, he became the President of the United States in 1933 and he was the only President in the history of United to be appointed for four consecutive times, until his death in 1945.

He also led the American Military during World War II and helped the American nation rise to power. He had some great political characteristics, like never giving up, which every leader dreams to have.

6. George Washington

The Founding Father of The United States, George Washington, is one the greatest political leaders ever seen in history. He was the leader of the American Revolution and later led United States into the first few years since its independence as the President of USA.

He was quite a visionary leader and had an immense vision for America. Due to his vision, America is the super power and the land of opportunities. Many people got inspiration from his steadiness and his ability to make decisions in difficult times and tried to follow in his footsteps.

5. Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto was the chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the most famous female politician who served as the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto was the first woman in a Muslim state to lead a country and led the country in two non-consecutive terms. She is the only female Pakistani Prime Minister to date and the eldest daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the wife of the former President, Asif Ali Zardari.

Benazir Bhutto was a strong figure in the battle of democracy. She was also one of the handful female executives who had an impact on the global scenario. She was assassinated on 27 December 2007, when she was addressing a rally.

4. Mahatma Gandhi

Born an ordinary boy, Mohandas Gandhi later became the Father of the Indian Nation. He was the leader of India during the tyrannical rule of the British. He practiced and preached non-violence. He believed in truth and through his truthfulness, he got freedom for India without harming anyone.

He led non-violent movements during his era like boycotts of foreign goods and Civil Disobedience movement to show his resistance towards the British. Due to his consistent efforts, the British left India and Gandhi became the face of the nation.

3. Nelson Mandela

This man needs no introduction. Nelson Mandela was the first democratic elected President of South Africa. He was quite a charismatic leader and the face of Anti-Apartheid movement and fought against racial discrimination throughout his life. He served a long time in prison due to his actions but that didn’t stop him.

He didn’t lose hope and continued to fight. When he was freed, he was hailed as a hero who led the country into a free and equal future. It was his determination and focus that even after serving 30 years in prison, he got out and worked for the people.

2. Ronald Reagan

A movie actor in the White House? The 40th President of the United States also won the Cold War for the country. His great accomplishments as a President was the institution of political and economic initiatives which led the country towards prosperity. His economic policies were great in every way; they led to reduction in taxes, control of money to reduce inflation and reduction of government funding. He was reelected in 1984 and stated that the people who think that America is going in decline are wrong and he is looking towards the years of prosperity in the country.

This great leader wasn’t given his due respect in his lifetime. There was always a negative portrayal of him in the media. After his death, however, his certain speeches were taken out and made public which proved that he was a great orator and one of the wisest political leader ever born.

1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of USA from 1861 till his assassination of 1865. During his 4 years as President, he proved his worth. He led his country during civil war and ended slavery once and for all. He had a great reputation of being fair and respectful.

Lincoln diffused the Tenet Affair, which was a hint towards a scare war with Britain. His speeches portrayed public opinion. Lincoln has been described by experts as one of the greatest US President, if not the greatest US President of all times. He was assassinated in 1865 when the civil war was ending.

These are some of the great political leaders of all times. But the question is that what makes these leaders great? Is it their charisma, their personality, their truthfulness or their selflessness? All of these attributes and many more combine to make a great political leader.

But the greatest thing which makes a leader great is that he puts the people first and then himself. All of the leaders mentioned here are equal and none is greater than the other. They all stood the test of time and proved that they are worthy enough of being called great leaders.