10 of the Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the US

Sand Puppy

More and more people are trying to not only improve their own lives, but those of their furry friends as well. Americans spend a lot of time at dog parks, dog beaches, doggie daycare, and they love dog-friendly restaurants and bars. People absolutely love their pups, so it’s no surprise that they want to take them everywhere they go! Check out these awesome cities that are dog-friendly. Maybe it’s time for you and your pooch to make a move, or maybe you already live in one!

10. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bear Creek Regional Park

This gorgeous city in Colorado loves their pups. There are many dog parks and hiking trails to take your pooch to at any given time. The local restaurants are also on board. There are over 144 restaurants that allow diners to bring their dogs with them. There are also eight off-leash dog parks within the city limits including Rampart Dog Park and the highly rated, Bear Creek Dog Park.

9.  Chicago, Illinois

Montrose Dog Beach

Chicago is another great option for dog-friendly folks. Montrose Dog Beach, located on Lake Michigan, is a large beach where your dog can run free on the sand and play in the surf. With 525 dog-friendly eating establishments in the city, you’ll never get bored going to the same places over and over.

8. Austin, Texas

Zilker Park

The city of Austin is well-known for it’s dog-friendly attitude. Aside from parks, you can also take your dog to several shops within the city. Who is a better shopping partner than your pup? Austin will also be home to a new communal work space that has a doggie daycare and socialization programs in house! Zilker Park is a huge pup-friendly location with over 350 acres of park for your pup to enjoy.

7. Seattle, Washington

Seattle Dog park
Image Credit: flickr

Seattle is putting their best paw forward with their pup-friendly policies. Along with many dog parks, hiking trails, and restaurants, you can also take your dog on the bus with you! There are even cruises that allow dogs. Your pup will be well-fed, in shape, and enjoying every moment. Watercrest Park is a great option for pups. You can also check out Blue Dog Pond for a fenced in off-leash option.

6. Portland, Oregon

Sellwood Park

The Pacific Northwest must really love dogs, because Portland is also a great place for pets and their owners. Dogs are allowed at the Portland Saturday Market to check out the sights and smells each week. You can also spend a great day at Sellwood Park near the river playing fetch and enjoying the view.

5. New York, New York

New York Dog Park

New York isn’t just a happening place for New Yorkers and tourists, it is also very dog-friendly. With over 500 restaurants that allow pups and many dog parks, your pet is welcome almost anywhere. City pups spend most of their lives in high-rise buildings and homes without yards, so having the ability to take your pup out on the town with you is a necessity. Check out Madison Square Park dog run, Chelsea Waterside dog park, or the Dog Runs at Riverside Park for some variety.

4. Tuscon, Arizona

Dogs in desert

Another great city for dogs is Tuscon. This is a great place to live with dogs, and even just visit. There are a number of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities. Do you like museums? Does your dog like museums? If so, you can check out the Pima Air and Space Museum together!

3. Minneapolis, Minnesota

dog in snow

Even though Minneapolis has some very frigid winters, there are numerous dog parks and trails available to dog owners throughout the year. Pups that are prepared for cold weather with heavy coats will love frolicking in the snow during the winter.

2. Orlando, Florida

dog with tennis ball

If you’re interested in a warmer climate, head down to Orlando with your best bud. With over 20 dog parks and beaches, this city has all kinds of space for your pup to run around and meet new friends. There are also many local dining establishments that allow you to dine with your pooch.

1. San Diego

Dog beach

San Diego County is a massively dog-friendly locale. You can head to any of the 500 plus dog-friendly restaurants for some grub, check out the beaches, hiking trails, and parks. Check out the stunning Balboa Park and bring your furry friend for a stop at the huge dog park located within the park. Don’t forget to head to Ocean Beach dog beach for a day of fun in the sun. Your dog will love running free on the sand and playing in the ocean.

It is clear that there are any number of United States cities that will welcome you and your pup with open arms. Maybe you live in one of these already and love the activities that you and your pup can take part in regularly. If it is time for a change in location for you and your pup, check out the local amenities and dog policies first to make the most of your move.