10 Places McDonald’s Has Been Banned

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Mickey Ds

I’m lovin’ it! That’s just one of the many well-known slogans McDonald’s has had over the years. But, there are some places around the world that definitely are not loving it. According to WorldAtlas.com, there are 90 countries without a McDonald’s. Some of them had a McDonald’s there once upon a time, but closed it down due to various reasons. Below are some places where you won’t find a Mickey D’s.

1. North Korea

North Korea
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though McDonald’s is banned in North Korea, the country’s leader Kim Jong Un is a huge fan of McDonald’s burgers. How can that be, you ask? Well, rumor has it that communist leader secretly smuggles them in from a McDonald’s in South Korea. According to a 2011 report, Kim Jong Un and members of his regime were using the country’s national carrier, Air Koryo, to get Big Macs delivered to their homes. So, why smuggle them in when he could just allow a McDonald’s to be built in North Korea? Because he’s opposed to anything even closely related to the capitalist West. Go figure.

2. Bermuda

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bermuda has had a law banning foreign fast-food restaurants since the 1970s. However, McDonald’s found a loophole in 1985 by building one there on a U.S. Naval Air Station in St. George’s Parish . The station closed in 1995, and McDonald’s closed along with it. The company attempted to open one again some years later but was met with resistance from locals. Resident Phyllis Harron said, “It is not Bermudian. McDonald’s cheapens wherever it goes.” But, even if residents did want it, it’s still prohibited by law.

FUN FACT: Bermuda also has a ban on billboards and neon signs.