10 Places You Shouldn’t Visit Even If They Are Open

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2. Airbnbs

Source: Pixabay

Just because you rent from an Airbnb that is advertised as “sanitized” doesn’t actually mean it is. I mean, how would you really know? Perhaps the owner is just trying to put some extra cash in his or her pocket and isn’t concerned about the health of his or her renters. Not only that, but you could also be carrying the virus and not even know it and end up infecting someone else with it. But, you might not even have to worry about that anyway as Airbnb appears to be on its last leg. That’s according to an article published by The Daily Telegraph. The impact of the coronavirus on Airbnb has been “massive,” the article reads. “It’s never been seen before,” Scott Shatford, chief executive of the Airbnb analytics company AirDNA, told The Daily Telegraph. “Cancellation rates have gone through the roof.”