10 Reasons Why You Should Never Become President

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Many people believe they were born to become the leader of the free world. They are in awe at the power and recognition of the President, and practically dream of living in the White House. But, is this such a desirable position? Do they REALLY want to become President? Maybe they’re on their way to Harvard or Yale to do just that, although if you or someone you know wants to become President – make sure you guys read this Top Ten List first. You’ll need to seriously ponder on this decision for a long time. Our first advice? Never become president.

The Campaign

To be considered a presidential candidate or even recognized on camera, it will take millions of dollars to fund your campaign. Either you’re rich and can afford the money, or you’ll have to be very persuasive. The campaign is no easy task – it’s a long grueling process that involves heaps of money, support, and determination. You can have the latter – but if you don’t have the money to fuel your campaign, the efforts won’t be enough to bring you to the finish line.

The recent 2016 presidential campaign resulted in more than 1 billion dollars spent for the total 26 candidates. And every candidate was constantly touring the country, giving motivational speeches, and attempting to steal America’s hearts. That wasn’t easy; the campaigns last about 2 years. Do you have two years to spare? And millions in savings? You’ll most likely need it.

The Expectations

Even during the campaign, candidates are expected to act a certain way or say certain things. Imagine the heavy expectations once when you’re in the Oval Office. One of the most difficult things about being president – speaking from observation, not experience – is living up to everyone’s expectations.

You can’t please everyone – but you have to please someone. The Republicans may want you to go to war, while the Democrats say ‘nay.’ We expect full healthcare coverage for the poor. We want you to take care of our disabled. We want you to improve public school education. Can you do that in four years? That’s a lot of expectations – oftentimes unreasonable and nearly impossible to complete.

The Media

The media will slam you with every opportunity they get. Whether it’s the liberal channel or conservative TV show criticizing you, be prepared if you’re planning on becoming president. You won’t be able to please both parties – especially with the heated tension between the political groups. One day it might be the color of your outfit, and another they will be disapproving your handle on foreign policy.

The Gossip

On the aisles of grocery stores and magazine racks, you see the gossip-filled sources – National Enquirer, People, and Lifestyle. Recognize the far-stretched news that points the finger at celebrities. One reason you should never become president is because rumors will fly about your lifestyle. Expect to gasp at lies and be shocked at what reporters are leaking, but it’s simply the price of fame.

There’s No Backing Out

Now, you’ve realized you’ve screwed up. You walk into grocery stores, and there are newspapers spitting garbage about you. You turn on the TV and the press is slamming you on all your recent decisions. Is it now time for you to quit? Resign? I’m afraid not. Another hell of a reason you should never become president is because it’s not like ANY job – you have to stay there for those 4 years. The only way out is to a) resign, which no one has ever done. It will probably ruin your career. Or b) get impeached. From these two generous options – it doesn’t seem as though you have much of a choice.

You’ll be in the Spotlight 24/7

Every move you make is watched. Every decision you make is criticized. Everything you say is recorded. Expect to be in the spotlight of the news, press, and basically the entire population for the rest of your term. There’s a slim chance a decision or motive will go unnoticed. The press have to eat you up, sorry.

Your family will be in the spotlight

It’s not just you that will be in the eye of the public – it’s your family, too. For instance, let’s take the last president’s term in office. Former President Barack Obama’s family faced a lot of backlash from the media. Whether it was their hair, clothing, or ugly stereotypes – the First Lady and her children had to endure a lot of disrespect. One reason you should never become president is because your family will have to endure the cruel public.

Unexpected Crisis

Do you have the skills and discipline to handle an attack on American soil or a terrorism group on the rise? An unexpected crisis can throw you totally off-board, and there’s no telling what could happen during anyone’s presidency.

Dealing with Political Party Tensions

Democrats, Republicans, Green Party members, Independents – why can’t we all just get along? Since the Founding Fathers established our very own government, the tensions between political parties and feuds between politicians has never ended. It’s been a constant battle. So, another good reason to never become president is because you’ll have to deal with so many arguments and much tension!

Having YOU Time

If you’re a golfer, go ahead and quit that. Barack Obama has already been criticized for having a few weekends for golfing and his own ‘me time.’ Be prepared to not have much of ‘you time’ anymore. After all, you’re running a country. It’s been common for presidents and First Ladies to even send their children off to boarding school, because there’s barely any time for them to be together.

So, do you or that person you know still want to become president? If you’re already on the path to Harvard or Yale University, with a political career set in place, and a wide range of support – well, then there’s no stopping you. Remember, though – we need a person but it doesn’t have to be you!