Top 10 Things You Should Know about Becoming an Entrepreneur


How does anyone know that they were born to lead? How do they know their perfect job is being a business owner or entrepreneur? Maybe that person has a knack for persuading people, bringing a team together, or initiating a big project. And maybe – just maybe, that person is you.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur – your own boss? Well, here’s a Top Ten Article to help you find out. After all, there are some vital things you’ll need to know before you decide on becoming an entrepreneur.

10. You Have to Be a Natural Born Leader

As anyone can tell you, an entrepreneur is a leader not a follower. If you’re the kind of person that goes along with ‘follow the leader,’ an entrepreneur may not be the best bet for you. Why? Entrepreneurs don’t follow trends; they set them. They don’t wait for solutions to everyday problems – they find them.

You should be able to tell if you’re a natural born leader or simply a follower. There’s nothing wrong with either choice, but if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur – make sure you have the makeup to do it.

9. There are Risks

Leaders take risks and becoming an entrepreneur comes with plenty of risks. As a business owner, you’ll have to decide when and how to go about things, even when a choice could go either way.

8. Payment Isn’t Steady

There’s no doubt that the unpredictability of payment in entrepreneurship can be a major disadvantage. In fact, payment varies tremendously among business owners. And obviously, there’s no average salary for this position. How much you earn after becoming an entrepreneur, is entirely out of balance. For instance, maybe a business’s sales peak in the winter then drop significantly during the summer.

However, the following year – the pattern changes completely. You can make solid predictions on your monthly earnings, but things can certainly change over the course of business.

7. There are Big Responsibilities

There are always plenty of responsibilities for any job role or position. However, becoming an entrepreneur means even BIGGER responsibilities. You’re in charge of not only yourself – but the business. And if you’re hiring employees – you’re in charge of everyone else. People will look up to you for solutions, and when you don’t have one – well, they’re counting on you. Big responsibilities. Entrepreneurs can’t escape them.

6. You’ll Need to Promote Your Business Constantly

As an entrepreneur, you want people to find out who you are and what you do. Most entrepreneurs want to show up on the front page of Google with specific keywords. Or they want their website to generate a great number of views. This means they need to promote their business. If you have social media, take advantage of it. It’s the perfect tool for expanding a business.

Creating a business page on Facebook, sharing posts from your blog on Twitter, or having a website link on your profile are simple steps. Connect with the people you already know and then watch your audience magically bloom. Of course, that means sharing your work – and CONTINUING to do so.

5. You’re Your Own Boss

You’ve heard this phrase throughout this Top Ten and perhaps from others as well. This isn’t a surprise – it’s common knowledge that the only boss an entrepreneur has is him or herself. In fact, being their own boss is a top reason most people want to be entrepreneurs.

There are perks to this, of course. You set your own hours, work area, setting, etc. Of course, becoming an entrepreneur requires self-discipline and key skills. And being your own boss doesn’t mean staying home from work and sleeping the day away – at least, if you’re starting out.

4. You’re THE Boss

Becoming an entrepreneur not only means you’re your own boss, but you are THE boss. If you’re a business owner and you have employees to look over, this is what being a boss means. As mentioned before, people will look up to you for answers and expect solutions. So, it’s vital that you’re prepared not only to lead yourself – but others as well.

3. You Need the Essential Skills

When you’re an entrepreneur, whether or not you have the essential skills will likely determine your success. The qualities of an entrepreneur? Well, as we talked about before – being a leader. There’s plenty more qualities and of course vital skills:

Time Management is one of them. Do you set priorities first? Do you have a checklist or planning calendar? Are you able to get things done in a timely manner? If you’ve answered yes to at least two of these, then you’re on the right track. Entrepreneurs can’t procrastinate – again, they have people counting on them.

Project and Self Discipline. Are you able to stick to a project or pour all your efforts in until the job is done? Are you an independent and self-disciplined person?

Reliability. People need to trust a business owner. They want to ensure that he or she will stay true to their word.

There are other skills of course, like being sales savvy, but these are a few main ones. If you’ve got these skills knocked out of the park, then you’re on a great track to becoming an entrepreneur.

2. Work Anytime, Anywhere

It’s true that being an entrepreneurs comes with a flexible schedule and choosing your own hours. BUT, that isn’t always the case. Some business owners have to respond to calls at the crack of the dawn or even on their vacation. Nevertheless, some don’t. However, as a beginning entrepreneur – you’ll have to be available practically anytime and anywhere for a period of time. It’s about finding work and getting your name out there – and sometimes that means no matter what time or place.

1. You Have to Love Your Job

The last thing you need to know about becoming an entrepreneur? Well, you have to love your job! If the rush of leadership and responsibility doesn’t get to you, then you’re not like most entrepreneurs. Being your own boss means you love being a boss! You get to set your schedule, do what you love (for your particular business) and set the trend. What’s not to love about that?

Indeed, not everyone is cut out for the same cloth – and not everyone can be a business owner. But, after reading this Top Ten, do you believe you have what it takes? There are plenty of perks of becoming an entrepreneur, so it’s no surprise many people would love to have the opportunity.