10 Things You Should Never, Ever Buy Used

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With the internet at your fingertips, it seems like everyone is trying to find a deal these days. Thousands of companies around the world are competing to bring you the lowest possible prices. You can save even more if you decide to buy a used or refurbished product. However, there are some products that you really shouldn’t buy used for a variety of reasons. Let’s dive in and discover 10 things you should never, ever, buy used.

10. Perfume and Beauty Products

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It is a little known fact that perfumes have expiration dates. If you wish to ensure that the perfume you are buying will be safe with it’s scent intact, be sure to always buy them fresh. Other products best bought firsthand to ensure their cleanliness are lotions and makeups.

9. School Supplies

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Seeing as most school supplies are generally affordable, it doesn’t make sense to try to pinch pennies in this area. In addition, some thrift stores have a minimum price point that may even be higher than what you’d pay for the same item firsthand. There is one exception to this rule: textbooks. Buying your textbooks used is always a good way to save money for tuition!

8. Surge Protectors

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Buying a surge protector that can possibly malfunction can be a costly and dangerous mistake. Fires started from faulty surge protectors have been known to occur.  As they are affordable to begin with, it doesn’t seem smart to take the risk. It is a common rule of thumb to replace your surge protectors about every two years.

7. TVs

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You never really know how a previous owner treated their TV unit prior to it being resold. Perhaps the TV was turned on nearly 24/7 as a display in a store. If the screen ends up dying, it can costs hundreds to thousands to replace and repair the issue depending on the size of the unit. Repair costs can add up quickly and can even cost as much as buying a new TV in the first place. Refurbished televisions can be a great option, but make sure the refurbish work is done by the actual manufacturer of the TV rather than a third party. This will ensure you get OEM parts as well as high quality service work.

6. Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners can be quite pricey these days with name branded units reaching in the thousands of dollars. It makes sense to try to get a great deal on a vacuum cleaner, but buying a second hand unit is just not worth it. Vacuum cleaners accumulate dust and grime quite easily which is something you definitely don’t want to track into your house. They also tend to take quite a bit of punishment from their users over time. Although vacuum cleaners can take a lot of abuse, they eventually break down. Some have many parts which can be hard to replace or pricey. You have to ask yourself, why is vacuum being sold in the first place?

5. Pet Supplies

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If you want the best for your furry friend, stay away from used pet supplies. Most dangerous is used or opened food. Exposed food can easily attract bacteria, insects, or thousands of insect eggs waiting to hatch. Other breeding grounds for insects and bacteria are pet beds. Pets can easily catch fleas and ticks, along with many other sicknesses, from other animals and their beds.

4. Speakers

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Like most electronics, speakers can lose their ability to properly function as time goes by. The quality of sound is the first to go, especially if the previous owner enjoyed playing their music on full blast. Speakers, if taken care of correctly, can last for many years – so invest in new speakers and use them for years to come.

3. Raincoats and Boots

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Did you know that the waterproofing material in most raincoats and boots loses it strength and ability to keep you dry over the years? Many do not, making these items a common sight in resale stores. However, if you value your comfort when the sky turns stormy, you should steer clear from buying second hand rain gear.

2. Rugs

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Used rugs can be full of allergens, dust, mold, and pet dander, and no amount of cleaning can make them new again. For general health and cleanliness reasons, buying your rugs new is the way to go. If you are someone who already suffers from asthma or seasonal allergies, it is especially important to avoid bringing extra irritants into your home.

1. Shoes

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First off, buying used shoes just seems strange for a variety of smelly reasons. But all things aside, buying used shoes isn’t a good idea. Shoes tend to form to the wearer’s foot over time which can cause issues for your feet as they won’t have the same fit. This can cause pain and more serious health issues over time. Running shoes are especially susceptible. Try to stay away from used shoes if you can.


While buying second hand items is a proven way to stretch a dollar, it is not always the smartest option. For health, safety, and sanitary reasons, it is important to give your used purchases a bit of thought before pulling out your wallet. There are some purchases that are just not worth the extra savings in the long run.