10 Things People Do That Cops Hate

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A quick glance at any social media site will show you just how ticked off some people are with the actions of some cops. But, as it turns out, cops are sometimes annoyed and angered by some of the stuff we do, too. That said, here are ten things people do that cops hate.

10. Not Knowing Where Your Registration Is

According to an article published by BestLifeOnline.com, cops really hate it when you don’t know where your registration is. When they have to stand outside your vehicle on a hot day, wearing a hot vest, with cars speeding by them in excess of 80 mph, they want to get things over and done with as quickly as possible. That being said, it’s always best to have your insurance and registration information in a handy place, like your glove compartment, so that you can easily access it should you get pulled over.

9. Thinking Your Situation Should Take Priority

Traffic Officer

We get it. Your home has been burglarized. As a result, you feel violated. Not to mention that you hate the fact that some stranger is out there running around with your stuff. But, the cops are not going to prioritize your home burglary over a homicide or some other more serious crime. “Citizens get frustrated when their burglary or theft is not investigated by sending a crime lab to their location,” Leonard Sipes, a former police officer who operates the news site Crime in America, told BestLifeOnline.com. “For most jurisdictions, no one is sending a crime lab for a burglary. There are simply too many violent crimes that need that resource.”

8. Telling the Same Old Tired Jokes

If it’s one think police officers have heard time and time again, it’s the “it wasn’t me” joke people say when they see a police officer walk into a store, restaurant, or some other establishment. Not only is this joke old and tired, it can be kind of insensitive, attorney and former police officer Phil Brailsford told BestLifeOnline.com. “Imagine that officer just came from responding to a child drowning or a grizzly crime scene. Like all humans, they need some sanctuaries where they can just relax and unwind.”

Another joke cops can’t stand is the one where you tell your kids “I’m going to have that police officer arrest you if you don’t eat your vegetables.” We’ve heard these jokes so many times, and it just becomes repetitive after a while, Brailsford said.

7. Fearing Them

Fearing Officer

Like any other human, police officers can sense when someone is afraid of them — and that really bothers them. Jay Stalien, a police officer in Florida who also served in Baltimore, told Reader’s Digest that he “pulled over a female the other day, and it took her a block or two to stop. When she finally did, I asked why, and she said she didn’t want to stop where there wasn’t any light, because she didn’t know what I was going to do to her. I thought, ‘Wow, we’re the bad guys now.'”

6. Asserting Your Rights

According to Jackowiack Law Offices in Chicago, cops don’t like it when people assert their rights. “When a suspect is uncooperative, dismissive or verbally indignant, some officers take it personally,” the attorneys said on the company’s website. You should never let that stop you from asserting your rights — this includes recording cops on your cell phone (which is something else they hate). But, before you can even assert your rights, you need to make sure that you know your rights — and not just for the state or locality in which you reside. You must also know the laws and your rights when it comes to places you may be visiting.

5. Driving with the Headlights Turned Off

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Now, we know people sometimes forget to turn on their lights when they get in their car — especially if they’re in a hurry. And, while most modern cars come equipped with a feature that automatically turns on the headlights when you start the car, many people still drive older models that require manually turning them on. That’s why it’s important to always check your headlights before driving off. This is especially true when it’s dark outside, or it’s raining or snowing. It’s not just so that you can see, but so that others on the highway can see you. Following this simple rule can prevent so many accidents from happening.

4. Making Ridiculous Excuses for Speeding

Officer: Did you know you were speeding?

Driver: I didn’t see the speed limit sign.


I’m new here and I don’t know the speed limit.


But, that guy in front of me was going way faster than I was.

Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard people making excuses like these before. Perhaps you’ve made them yourself a time or two. Whatever the case, just know that police officers hate it when you do that. And, unless you truly do have a legitimate excuse, chances are you’re still going to be ticketed. So, instead of lying, the best thing to do is just admit to your mistake.

3. Talking to Them When They’re on Break

Police Donut Shop
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While it is true that police officers want to get to know the people in their community, they do not necessarily want to get to know them when they are on a break. It really bugs me “when citizens come up to me and the guys at dinner time to tell me about…whatever. Would you walk up to a group of plumbers and talk about the last time your toilet was clogged?” one police officer said on an Officer.com forum.

2. Arguing Your Case at a Traffic Stop

Traffic Stop
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Coolcaesar at the English language Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/)]
The officer who’s pulled you over may very well be in the wrong, but a traffic stop is not the best time for you to argue your case. It certainly won’t stop them from writing a citation. “If you disagree with the actions of the officer, then take it to his or her superiors or go to court to contest the interaction,” says Sipes, according to BestLifeOnline. “You have all the time in the world to make your case, but during the stop, it’s in your best interest to be cooperative.”

1. Inviting Them to Parties

Dinner Party
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It’s not that cops don’t like to party per se. It’s just that many of them feel like they can’t really enjoy themselves at one — especially if there’s going to be alcohol. “Because I deal with drunk idiots all the time on the job, I don’t want to have to deal with them at a function I’m supposed to be enjoying,” a police officer told Law Enforcement Today. They also feel like they can’t enjoy themselves because they’re always in cope mode. After all, they’re taught to always be vigilant, so it’s extremely difficult to turn off cope mode even when they’re not on duty.


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