10 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing an RV

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4. They Aren’t Made for City Driving

City Driving
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RVs are heavier than passenger vehicles and, as a result, require greater braking distances. Therefore, you must allow more time for the vehicle to slow or come to a complete stop. This obviously is next to impossible when driving in the city, where traffic lights and traffic accidents are plentiful.

If you do decide to take your RV into the big city, Motorhome USA recommends leaving it in a mall parking lot and using public transportation instead. Or, you could consider visiting RV-friendly cities like Las Vegas and Orlando.

3. You’ll Need to Prepare for Severe Weather

Tornado Storm
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When planning your next family trip in the RV, you’ll need to make sure you plan for severe weather. This is especially true if you’re planning a trip during the summer months, which is when you’re most likely to encounter thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and such.

That being said, RVshare.com recommends following these tips for a safe trip:

  • Stay informed: Use your smartphone or internet connection to keep an eye on the weather.
  • Bring your grills, chairs, etc., inside.
  • Pack an emergency bag containing important items such as medication, bottled water, nonperishable goods, etc.
  • Find the nearest storm shelter and have a plan in place to get there.
  • Know the evacuation routes.
  • Know what to do if a tornado is nearby.