10 Things You Should Never Deduct From Your Taxes

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tax deductions

Before you file your taxes this year, take a look at this article to see what expenses you’ve incurred that are NOT tax-deductible.

10. Commuting Costs

commuting costs

Believe it or not, the cost of commuting to and from work is not tax-deductible and is, in fact, considered a personal expense. This holds true even if you have to travel very far to get to your job. But, like every other rule, there are always exceptions.

For example, if you work at two places in one day– even if for the same employer– you might be able to deduct some commuting costs. Also, if you have a temporary job expected to last one year or less, you can deduct transportation expenses to and from work.

If you work from home, you can deduct transportation expenses for going to another work location in the same trade or business. Lastly, you can deduct transportation expenses when driving to a client site or a meeting.

9. Cost of Work Wardrobe

work wardrobe

Unless you wear a uniform on the job, you cannot deduct your work wardrobe’s cost. One TV anchorwoman tried to do just that some years ago, deducting things like makeup, haircuts, manicures, teeth whitening and contact lenses used to help her read the teleprompter.

But, a judge rejected her efforts in a U.S. Tax Court, ruling that many of the items the woman deducted were personal, not business. The judge also stated that she had to wear them as a condition of her employment, and the clothes could not be suitable for everyday wear for her to deduct the costs of her work clothes.