10 Things You Shouldn’t Touch While at Someone’s Place

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It’s a good idea to keep your hands to yourself when you enter someone’s house, especially with the coronavirus and other sicknesses going around. We have all become accustomed to good hand hygiene, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take extra precautions.

So, when going to someone’s place, especially when the person is not your friend, you should refrain from touching things. Doing so will not only show respect but will protect you and others in the home from contracting a virus.

10. The Front Door

The first thing that should be off-limits to you is that front door! Walking through someone’s door without an invitation is usually not a good idea. Refrain from touching the door handle or walking inside without your mask. You might very well be an intruder for all they know. It is best to knock or ring the doorbell and wait for someone to open the door and invite you inside.

9. Using WiFi Without Permission

You are now in someone’s house, probably spending time with friends or family. Do you really need to be on your phone? Don’t ask for the WiFi password right away or try to find it yourself, especially if you’re just an acquaintance.

Yes, if you are a frequent visitor and have a developed relationship with the host, it’s not a big deal to ask for the WiFi.  And if you are a long-term guest, then it is definitely appropriate for you to have that password to the WiFi.

8. Their Work Space 

Remember that you are a visitor, no matter how tempting it is to snoop around. Your purpose for visiting might be for work. If that is the case and they permit you to use their workspace, go right ahead, of course.

7. Mail

Mail is something that should be private and off-limits to guests because it often contains personal information. Whether you’re a house sitter, family member or friend. Don’t snoop around in someone’s mail.

6. Their Bedroom

There aren’t many places more private than a bedroom. Unless they invite you in, steer clear! How awkward would it be if they caught you snooping around their own room? Some people might naturally be nosy and get “lost” on their way to or from the bathroom. Don’t be that person.

If you have crossed the line from a visitor to a friend over time, you might have an understanding that it is acceptable to be in their room without them. Especially if they live in closed spaces, such as a two-bedroom apartment or a studio. If you do get invited into a bedroom, don’t assume you can sit on the bed.

5. The Fridge

It isn’t polite to be helping yourself to someone else’s food! It doesn’t matter how hungry you are. Unless you don’t want them to ask you to invite you back, be sure to ask the host before invading their fridge.

Consider suggesting that you go out to eat as a show of good faith or offer to buy some groceries yourself. And if your host invites you to stay awhile, it is likely they have food prepared for you. Know your boundaries.

4. The Thermostat

Are you feeling too warm or too cold? Well, do not attempt to turn down the AC without permission. You are a guest in the house, and they are the ones paying the bill!

However, if you kindly let them know you are too hot or too cold, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to adjust the temperature. You should always let your host know if you are sensitive to either heat or cold so they can accommodate you accordingly.

3. Drawers

Invasion of privacy is never more apparent when a guest leaves your home, and your drawers seem to have been messed with. Rummaging through someone else’s drawers is a blatant display of snooping and disrespect. If items are not in plain sight, it means that they are not for your eyes.

If there was a particular item you were interested in and your host knows about it, it’s best to come right out and ask permission to see it. Being up-front and honest is always the best policy.

2. Sitting Wherever

Sit where your host asks to sit. Don’t be changing seats at random as if your host’s couch is lumpy and you are uncomfortable. Switching from one place to the next can make people uncomfortable, which may come off as annoying. While you are sitting, avoid putting your feet up somewhere they don’t belong.

1. Cigarettes

You should never pull out a cigarette or any smoking device unless your host has led the way in doing the same! There is no flexibility here, especially if children are in the home.

It would be best to resist smoking before entering someone’s home since the smell can linger. If you can’t control your urge to smoke and the guest understands that, make sure to smoke in their preferred area.

Basically, ask your host before acting on anything, and know your boundaries while in someone else’s place. You will save your host some headaches and yourself some embarrassment. It would be nice to get invited back, right?

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