10 Useful Amazon Shopping Tips

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Amazon Shopping App

Amazon is undoubtedly the world´s biggest online shopping site, and most people use it at least from time to time. Similar to in-person shopping, it´s essential to be in the know when it comes to savvy ways to save big when you shop on Amazon, so check out these ten excellent tips for shopping on Amazon.

10. Become a Member of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Become a member of Amazon Prime to have the premium Amazon shopping status. It is certainly one good way to take advantage of special deals and saves you more than you will ever spend on it, even if you don´t shop on Amazon all the time. Some of these perks include free two-day shipping, exclusive discounts on specific products and free video streaming. There is also Prime Day, which will be on October 13 and 14 this year. Prime Day offers insane amounts of discounts and deals. One advantage that many people don´t know about is that two people or more can share an Amazon Prime account. You and whoever you want can share the Prime benefits, including the free video streaming and shipping. 

9. Benefit From Missed Delivery Dates

Late Delivery Amazon

Amazon promises a delivery date at check-out. If you purchase an item that qualifies for free shipping (through Amazon Prime), and the specified date does not deliver the item, you may be eligible for a one-month extension on your membership! Even if you´re not a Primer member, the shipping costs will be refunded if a purchase is not delivered on time. Don´t miss out on these great refunds!

8. Get Daily Deals

Deals Amazon

A good place to start, whenever you shop on Amazon, is the “Today´s Deals” page, otherwise known as “Goldbox,” which is updated hourly. The items you can find on this page will be at an even lower price than usual, and starting there will ensure that you´re getting the best price on the items you are hoping to buy. However, similar to the sales rack at a clothing store, the low prices may end up convincing you to buy things you hadn´t planned to!

7. Amazon Outlet

Amazon Shopping

Just like brick-and-mortar outlet stores, Amazon´s outlets are filled with overstocks and last season´s styles, in all your favorite brands, including beauty products, shoes, clothing, home items and electronics, to name a few. So, if you already know what you want, check out the Amazon Outlet page on Amazon.com. It is a great place to look to see if you can find an item for a reduced price, just like a real outlet!

6. Amazon Warehouse

Warehouse Amazon

If you are looking for some serious discounts and are willing to take the time to consider the potential quality of a used, opened or damaged item, Amazon Warehouse is the place for you. The Amazon Warehouse category online has tons of electronics, home goods and other items that may be of interest to you at a fraction of their original cost. These items are listed by quality, including “like new,” “very good” and “acceptable,” so that you know what you´re getting yourself into. You can always return the items you buy if you aren´t satisfied. Amazon´s return policy has you covered even with these open-box products.

5. Price Match

Price Match

Suppose you are interested in buying a new TV or more expensive item. In that case, you should definitely compare prices at other retailers, both in stores and online. Amazon will match a lower price at another qualifying retailer, or on its own site, within 30 days of the purchase. If you can prove that there was a better deal to be had on the same item, Amazon will refund the difference in the form of a gift card – what a great deal!

4. Student Deals

Student Deal

Students are eligible for a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime, and once that period is up, students can get Prime at 50% off the standard membership price for up to four years. Amazon also offers special deals and discounts for students, including the option to rent used textbooks, which are guaranteed to arrive in an acceptable condition (with minimal highlighting and doodling) and can save students up to 80% on books.

3. Subscribe for Recurring Deliveries

Recurring Delivery

Is there something you buy on a weekly or monthly basis, such as toilet paper, laundry detergent or coffee? You can save up to 15% by subscribing to a specific item, which means that it will be delivered according to the frequency you select. Not only will you never run out of that important item again, but you´ll be saving big!

2. Use Credit Card Points

Credit Card Points Amazon

Does your credit card accumulate point for things such as flights? Did you know that you can use those same points to pay for things on Amazon? Just add the item or items to your cart and, during checkout, indicate how many points you want to apply towards the purchase. Easy peasy!

1. Donations

Amazon Smile Donate

AmazonSmile is a way to support your favorite charity every time you shop. You can access it by going to smile.amazon.com or you can activate it in the Amazon app. You will find the same low prices, great availability of products and amazing deals as you would on Amazon. In addition to that, AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of each purchase’s price to the charitable organization of your choice. Add some goodness to your cart, and use AmazonSmile to make purchases on Amazon!

So, there you have it – 10 useful tips that can help you save some cash and make the most of all that Amazon has to offer!