10 Weird Things People Have Witnessed While Driving

Driving A Car

Have you ever been driving along the highway and had to do a double take because of something weird you’d seen? Well, that’s what this article is all about–weird things people have witnessed while driving. Enjoy!

10. People Going Through Their Morning Routine

Man Brushing Teeth
Source: Pexels

I know sometimes we can have busy schedules, and sometimes that leads to us being late for work, school, or some other destination. But, your morning routine should be completed, for the most part, BEFORE you get into your car and head down the freeway. I totally get that people sometimes eat breakfast in the car, but the following stories are just ridiculous, not to mention frightening:

On the app called Whisper, drivers confessed to the craziest things they’ve ever witnessed while driving. One driver said, “This chick was doing her makeup and looking in the mirror with one hand and texting with the other. She was also speeding at 50 in a 15 max parking lot. A+ multitasking though, she didn’t crash.” Another driver said, “I just saw a lady braiding her weave…on the freeway. Yes she was driving.”

Quora user Karen Marie Shelton said that she’s seen people changing their clothes, applying makeup, shaving, and doing their hair.

And, Yelp user Kenny G. of Palm Desert, CA, said that while sitting in traffic, he saw a woman plug in a curling iron and start doing her hair. “I sat beside or around her long enough to see her go from straight to curly… I think she may have had it plugged into her cigarette lighter device or something.”

9. People Taking a Bathroom Break

Toilet Sign
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When you gotta go, you gotta go. But, there’s no excuse for what these drivers witnessed:

Yelp user Joey S. from Pomona, CA, said he once saw a woman pull over in bad traffic, walk over to the passenger’s side of the car, squat down and begin urinating.

Yelp user C.D. from Newport Beach, CA, was driving along Long Beach Blvd. in Compton and noticed an older, disoriented woman defecating in a trash can right outside the entrance to a liquor store. Meanwhile, two of her friends were going around gathering up napkins and newspaper for when she finished.

And, last but certainly not least, a driver admitted on Whisper to seeing someone poop out their car window on the freeway. “It’s a memory I wish I could erase from my mind,” the driver said.

8. A Moving Man

Source: Pexels

There’s nothing strange about seeing a moving man, right? That’s something most of us will come across at some point in our lives, but not necessarily in this way:

“The other day I saw a guy riding a 10-speed uphill while balancing a sofa on his back. That beat all I’ve ever seen. Lol. The struggle is real.” -Yelp user Kenny G.

Well, that certainly is one way to “git ‘er done.” This guy gets an A for effort… and an F for execution, LOL!

7. A Kidnapping

Source: Wikimedia Commons By Kacey Wong [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

A Reddit user was driving down the interstate one Saturday morning and spotted a woman in the back seat of a car banging on the window and screaming for help. “I sped up to them and she noticed me and started screaming again. I got behind them and followed them and could see him reaching back and hitting her. I called 911, and as I was, he sped off,” the Redditor said. It was then that the kidnapper noticed he was being followed by the Redditor, so he moved in front of the car and came to a complete stop. “At that point I didn’t know if he had a gun or what so I went around him and exited. Once he went past the overpass I got back on and followed him, but he eventually lost me as I couldn’t keep up. Fortunately I was on [the phone] with 911 the entire time, and they had cops ready to pull him over.” As it turned out, the guy had abducted his ex.

6. Sleepwalkers

Source: Pixabay

One Reddit user said they saw what appeared to be a bunch of sleepwalkers along the highway in Farmington, NJ, in 1999:

“I was driving along a windy back road at night where the houses were set back far away from the road and saw a man standing by his mailbox, staring straight ahead. I thought, ‘that’s weird, it’s pitch black out here.’ I go around a bend and there was a woman doing the same thing, just standing and staring straight ahead, by her mailbox. Then I notice that there were people at every mailbox on the road just standing there, staring straight ahead. It was creepy. They looked like sleepwalkers.”

5. People Eating

Man Eating
Source: Pixabay

There’s nothing odd about that, right? People do it all the time. But, what if you saw a woman driving with a burger in one hand and a drink in the other, plus a cell phone up on her shoulder? That’s what one Whisper user saw. “To this day I have no idea what she was using to steer the car,” the user said. And, another Whisper user saw a woman driving on the freeway, with her knees mind you, while eating food with chopsticks. “I got three lanes away from her,” the user said.

4. Someone Standing in the Middle of the Road

Walking Middle Of Road
Source: Pixabay

Imagine your worst nightmare coming true. You’re driving down the road at night, and you hit someone with your car. That’s exactly what happened to Reddit user Finaldamns. Well, not exactly…

“Somebody had set up a cardboard standee in the middle of a middle-of-nowhere road. I thought I almost hit somebody standing in the pitch black. It took me a few minutes to regain composure and realize it was a standee of Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Hey, at least it wasn’t T-1000, LOL! (You Terminator fans know what I’m talking about.)

3. Overly Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets
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We know pets are considered family for some people. But, there are times when we take our love for our furry friends to the extreme, such as is the case with this California mother:

“The other day I witnessed some woman carrying her Yorkie within her Gucci bag……who might I add was fully clothed, all while her toddler walked down the sidewalk beside her – barefoot. SMFH.” -Yelp user Kenny G.

Meanwhile, Sarah L. of Fullerton, CA, saw a girl walk her dog in a stroller, and Drea K. of Los Angeles, CA, saw a girl push her two dogs around in a double stroller.

2. A Dead Body

Dead Person
Source: Wikimedia Commons by Ralf Roletschek [FAL or GFDL 1.2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/fdl-1.2.html)]

Some years ago, eBay user fatquarters4sale recounted a story of the scariest thing they’d ever seen while driving on the highway:

I was driving to Orlando from Miami with a car full of children. We were on our way to a birthday celebration at Disney World. There was a car on the side of the road with a woman slumped over the steering wheel. I pulled over and went up to the car to shake her, but at that moment I realized she was dead. I got back in my car, told the kids she was just taking a nap, drove to the nearest exit, and called to report the incident.

1. Circus Acts

Clown Mask
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KEKB FM, a radio station in Colorado, posed the question, “What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen while driving?” One caller said she’d seen five clowns suited up driving down the road. “They were probably on their way to a clown convention,” she told the disc jockey.

Meanwhile, eBay user *fiveforfighting* spotted a driver juggling three balls while going down the 405 North in Long Beach, CA, at about 65 mph. “I assume [he was] driving with his knees. I slowed down to match his speed for a quarter mile, and we just watched him, totally amazed. Then, not wanting to press our luck, I accelerated and [we] continued on are way,” the eBay user said.


What crazy things have you witnessed while driving? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and drive carefully!