11 Clever Fast-Food Hacks

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6. Footlong at Subway


Ordering a Footlong sandwich at Subway is the best way to go. Although it is not always $5, it will still be the best bang for your buck. If you don’t want to eat it all,  save half for later. So, basically, you’re getting two meals for a great price! Make your sandwich healthier by adding as many veggies as possible. What are you waiting for? Go treat yourself to a Footlong!

5. Crispy Bacon for Pork Lovers

Crispy Bacon

Sometimes bacon from fast-food restaurants is not at all crispy. If you’re one of those, who think bacon is delicious when crispy, take off the bacon and cook your own. You can get this done in your oven without all that greasy mess. Just line a baking sheet with thick foil wrap or double if you have the thin foil.

Place an iron rack over the baking sheet and place your bacon strips an inch apart to allow air to pass through, and the strips baked evenly. The foil will collect the grease, and you’ll get crispy, delicious bacon for breakfast or lunch!