11 Common Air Fryer Mistakes

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Whether cooking is a passion of yours or not, the air fryer is a staple invention to have in the kitchen. It gives us healthier alternatives to deep-fried, fatty foods.

You can throw pretty much anything in the air fryer to easily create a crispy and delicious meal at home. Although it is a convenient and versatile kitchen tool, many people are not using it correctly.

Continue reading to learn about common air fryer mistakes you may be making.

11. Not Enough Air

Your air fryer needs air to breathe. If it is closed into a tight spot, it won’t work to its optimum. The mini convection oven needs circulating air to produce a high temperature that gives crispness to foods.

Kitchn advises that you allow your air fryer at least 5 inches of air space on all sides. Also, ensure the fryer is stable when in use and not vibrating all over the place. You don’t want your investment falling to the floor and breaking.

10. Using Too Much Oil

The ultimate goal of an air fryer is to use less oil when cooking. You usually won’t need more than a tablespoon of oil when cooking. The appliance is not for deep frying, so dumping too much oil won’t give you the required results.

Air fryers cook food by blowing around hot air. So if your food is drenched in oil, the only result will be an extra greasy mess to clean up. Avoid adding saturated fats and let the air fryer do its magic.

9. Light Foods

If you don’t want to set off your smoke alarm, don’t put light foods like spinach in your air fryer! Remember, light things will fly around and burn quickly. Instead, it’s best to cook lightweight food on your stovetop in a pan.

Here are five foods you should never cook in the air fryer.

8. You Don’t Preheat Before Cooking

Just like you preheat your oven before baking, you need to preheat your air fryer before sticking food inside. The fryer needs to be hot when you put the food in because it begins to work the moment the door is closed.

Your recipe should have a temperature guide to follow, so use it. Since the fryer is a small space, it will heat up within five minutes, which is no hassle. It makes it perfect for quick weeknight dinners!

7. Using a Dirty Air Fryer

To avoid food contamination, illness and old food smell, clean your air fryer between uses. For an easier cleaning process, soak the basket so you won’t have to scrape off caked-on food.

Use dish soap with warm water for a thorough cleaning every time you cook a meal. It takes about three minutes to keep you and your family safe from contamination and a dirty-smelling kitchen.

6. Wet Food 

Your air fryer will not get rid of moisture from your batters like a deep fryer will. So, limp and wet veggies won’t miraculously dry out and produce crispness.

If you brought packaged foods that already are coated in breadcrumbs, your fryer is ideal for crisping them up and producing a mouthwatering dish. Throwing in wet battered food will only cause a mess and unpleasant taste.

5. Not Checking Food Temperature

Know your food safety temperature when you use an air fryer, just like you would when using an oven, grill or stovetop. The internal temperature of food is vital to your safety.

Who would want to serve or eat uncooked food? That’s a recipe for disaster! Practice sanitary precaution as you would with any other cooking method and consume bacteria-free food.

4. Overcrowding the Basket

Remember that air must circulate in the basket to cook your food. Cooking happens when hot air meets the surface of the food and oil to give flavor.

The air fryer cooks quickly, so you can do multiple batches to acquire taste, texture and flavor for an unforgettable culinary experience.

If you’re cooking for a crowd, you may need a bigger air fryer, and even so, you may need to do batches. So, even though you may loathe doing batches, you must do so for great-tasting food.

3. Not Using Enough Oil

Just as you can use too much oil, you can use too little. Recipes generally tell the amount of oil to use in a given dish. However, if you’re not sure about the amount, just give just a small dash to help convey heat. Using a bit of non-stick spray is also a great option for an overall crispness and satisfying meal.

2. The Small Amount of Food

If the items in your basket are too small, they could slip through the basket and end up in the heating system. These fallen through pieces will burn fast and smoke your kitchen and your food.

Experts recommend putting nothing smaller than the size of a french fry inside. When you’re unsure about size, put the food in the basket and shake it over the sink or a container. If the food slips through, don’t cook it in there.

1. Dripping Fatty Foods

An air fryer complements a low-fat eating plan and can easily cook your burgers, sausages and bacon. However, when you’re frying up fatty foods, it is best to line the basket with aluminum foil to avoid an oily mess. It is crucial to take care of your air fryer for optimum usage.

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