11 Haunted Places to Visit This Halloween

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Haunted place - Amityville Horror House

Probably no Halloween has been passed till this day where you haven’t been scared and spooked. Halloween is the time where people want something out of the ordinary and they like to get scared. Different Halloween costumes are especially made for this purpose. You can also do scare pranks on your friends and relatives and you can also visit different haunted places.

So if you want to try something new this Halloween, you should visit some of the most haunted places. However, some of these places are unsafe to visit. So, here is the list of the top 11 haunted places:

11. Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Waverly Hills was originally built in 1910, however, the building which you see today was constructed in 1926. During the 20th century, the sanitorium was used as hospital for tuberculosis patients and according to an estimate, about 63,000 patients died there. The high death toll, inhumane treatment and the experiments done on patients are the reasons why it is considered haunted.

The Waverly Hills Sanitorium has built its reputation for being haunted over the years as more and more people are visiting and coming to investigate it. It has also been shown in different scare shows like Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. It was seen in the Ghost Hunters that there was a 3 feet figure walking in the hallway. There have also been reports of screams, full body shadows, cold spots and voices from empty rooms. So if you want to get real scared this Halloween, you should visit this place.

10. Moon River Brewery

The Moon River Brewery was made into a beer shop in 1999 but the building is quite old and dates back to 1821. It was actually a high end hotel which had a history of violence during the Civil War.

During heated protests, men were killed, including a Yankee who was beaten to death by the local people in 1860. Some people of the bar have said that they have seen bottles flying through the air and people being pushed away and slapped by unseen things. It is rumored that one ghost Toby is hidden in the bar and waiting for the next big bar brawl.

9. Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo in Brazil is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world because of the Joelma building. An air conditioning unit caught fire in 1974 building. There was no fire alarm system, sprinkle system and emergency exits in the building. The building was covered in flames in only a few minutes and out of the 800 people present there, 179 died. The building has been reconstructed since that incident. But it is said that the building is still haunted by several people who died there.

8. Villisca Axe Murder House

This house is also quiet haunted. On 10 June 1912, it became a grim crime scene when the murder of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, and their four children were committed; they were guests overnight. This shocked the small town of Villisca and the murderer was never found.

Many years have passed since that incident and many residents have reported visions of a man carrying an axe, children crying and other paranormal activities. In 1994, the home was restored to its original condition by getting rid of electricity. The lamp light creates a chilling sensation to couples who reserve the house overnight.

7. Bay Area, USA

There have been stories of many ghost sightings in the San Francisco Area. Some examples include the Queen Anne Hotel which is said to be haunted by a woman who tucks the people into bed at night and the Alcatraz prison which is said to be haunted by the prisoners who were killed there.

The Winchester Mystery Hall is another haunted place there. It is said that the woman who built the house continued to build it until she died. Today, people say that it’s her ghost that roams in the house and haunts people.

6. Whaley House

The Whaley House, located in San Francisco, is also considered one of the most haunted places in the world. There are now just faded ghosts moving through the hallways of the house. These ghosts have scared quite a lot of people.

It is rumored that a Spirit named Yankee Jim was murdered at the place where the house was built. People say that he moves through the house with heavy steps. The tour of the house is available between 10 a.m. and 4:30PM. If you want to get a real scare, you should go there during night.

5. The Amityville Horror House

This house has a really horrifying story. It was bought in 1975 George and Kathy Lutz at a bargain rate. The price of the house was quite low which made the new buyers quite happy. What these new buyers didn’t know was that this house had been a witness of mass murder before that when Ronald De Feo slaughtered his young siblings and parents while they were sleeping at night.

The Lutz family soon started hearing demonic voices and seeing hoof prints on the wall. The family got so scared that it fled the house in the middle of night. Currently, no one resides in the house but it is available for reservation.

4. Headless Horsemen Haunted Houses

Well, who isn’t terrified after hearing the story of the headless Horsemen? It is said that the incident took place where these houses are located. People who have visited these houses have reported hearing the voices of the horsemen constantly moving in the houses. Just imagine how you would feel to step in a house and hear the voices of thundering horsemen moving towards you. There are six houses in total which are present on 45 acres of land.

3. Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion is now a theater and restaurant but once it used to be the house of the Lemp family. They were a notable family of beer brewing at the start of 20th century but soon they were consumed with darkness and four members of the family committed suicide in 1950. Three of the four people died in the house.

People who visit the place or sleep in at night have said that they hear different footsteps in the house. It is said that you will even hear the footsteps when you’re sipping beer. So if you want to be scared on this Halloween, you should definitely visit this place.

2. Monte Cristo Homestead

The Monte Cristo homestead in New South Wales Australia is regarded as one of the most haunted places in Australia, if not the most haunted place. Since it was built in 1885, tragic events have occurred there. Till 1948, the Crawley Family resided in the house. During this time, the family were witness to many deaths occurring in the house like a child dropped from the stairs, a maid falling from the stairs and a stable boy burnt in the house premises.

The next family who resided there were also witness to many tragedies like one of the residents was murdered in the caretaker’s cottage. Currently, no one resides in the house.

1. Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary was built in 1829 and was originally a prison in Philadelphia. It’s the first prison to introduce solitary confinement where the prisoners were kept in separate cells. The prisoner was made to eat alone and even exercise alone. Whenever the prisoner was taken out of the cell, a hood was put on his head to ensure that he remained in confinement. Due to these approaches, many prisoners became insane and the place was abandoned in 1913 and then used as a regular prison again.

There have been many reports of paranormal activity in the prison since 1940s but when the prison was abandoned in 1971 and used only for visiting purposes, many paranormal activities were reported. People reported seeing shadowy images which vanished when approached, a dark figure seen in the guard tower, ghostly faces and strange voices like distant talking and banging of door cells. The point is that there are many scary aspects of this place and it certainly deserves to be number one in this list.

These are the most haunted places in the world. Many people who have visited these places have reported paranormal activities and they rather not go there again. All the places mentioned here are open for visitors. If you think that nothing can scare you on this Halloween, then you haven’t seen the worse yet. You should visit these top listed haunted places. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Just go to these places and experience them by yourself.