11 Ways You Are Destroying Your Microwave and Yourself

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6. If You Don’t Clean Your Microwave


Your Microwave may look clean, but it’s probably not. It harbors bacteria from raw meat, fish or whatever you’ve been tossing in there. It would be best if you gave the inside and outside a good cleaning for your safety.

It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t maintain your machinery or equipment, they deteriorate quickly and be out of use. This oversight means that you will have to spend money replacing appliances sooner than you should.

5. Heating With Tightly Screwed Lid


You ought to cover your food when heating to avoid messes, but not too tightly. The purpose of heating is to give you warm food, but you may have to wait until your food is cool to remove the too-tight lid.

It’s almost impossible to open hot! When heated in an airtight container, liquids such as coffee or soup can explode and damage your microwave. So, give your containers some breathing space when heating.