12 Everyday Items You Didn’t Know NASA Invented

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The space program giants, National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA), are credited with more than preparing spaceships and astronauts to make the journey into deep space for those all-important discoveries.

Whatever they create to track themselves in space, or bring them comfort on their journeys, are also essential spin-offs for everyday use. It might surprise you to know that you have items in your homes created by spacemen and women.

Continue reading to find out 12 everyday items that NASA made!

12. LED Light Bulbs for a.m and p.m


The LED double-duty bulbs work to increase your alertness during the day. As things wind down in the afternoon, they also wind down to announce that the day is closing.

In 2015, the National Space Biomedical Program selected a team to create a prototype. They discovered that colors and wavelengths of light help people to become drowsy or stay alert.

11. Memory Foam

memory foam

You may look at your mattress differently after this. That soft stuff in it that conforms to your body comfortably and makes you rest like a baby is memory foam. It was developed by NASA in 1987, as they looked for a way to protect and cushion their test pilots throughout their flights.