12 Everyday Items You Didn’t Know NASA Invented

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2. Space Blankets 

space blanket

NASA spaced blankets are found in most emergency kits in America and save many lives in the wilderness on camping trips. The blanket was first developed in 1973, as the Sky Lab -3 Mission needed a sun shield for insulation of the satellite itself.

1. Radiant Home Insulation


Normalized temperatures came to space crafts and space stations when radiant technology was developed by NASA over 40 years ago. It wasn’t until 2004, however, that it was used for home insulation.

The Eagleshield barrier is applied to increase the efficiency of home insulation. This effectively reduced cooling and heating bills.

NASA has been busy inventing and creating efficient tools for home and industry purposes. Numerous other items on the market, built by NASA, make life easier and even more interesting.

So, the next time you use any device in your home, make sure to have a look at the manufacturer. It may just be your premier spacers!