12 Food Court Favorites to Look for at Your Local Costco

Food Court Favorites

Braving the crowds and cart-jammed aisles of Costco can be worth the trip if you finish the journey with a stop at the Costco food court. The tasty and inexpensive bites at the food counter mean a harried mom can take care of two tasks in one. The first task is feeding the kiddos on the spot, and the second is gathering provisions for future meals. You may frequent the Costco food counter with your favorite snack in mind. If so, you may not even be aware of the other tempting treats on offer at Costco food courts around the country.

12. Hot Dog

Hot Dog

You can’t talk about the tempting fare available at Costco without bringing up the delightful hot dog and soda combo. This sizzling entrée is a classic favorite at the warehouse club and can be yours for only $1.50. Eater reports that this classic combination has stayed the same price since 1985, and probably always will. Whether the low price is to lure you into the store, help cultivate a bustling atmosphere, or to thank you for your business, the result is the same. A tasty, delicious beef hotdog that fills your belly without breaking your wallet.

11. Pizza


Another top choice at the Costco food court is the cheesy, bubbly pizza. Whether you grab a single slice—which is the size of a paper plate—or a whole pie, you are getting a delicious deal. At Costco, you can pick up a fresh, hot slice of pepperoni, cheese, or combination pizza for only $1.99. Order a pie to take home, and it will set you back only $9.99. According to Business Insider, Costco does such a brisk pizza business it is ranked as the 14th largest pizza chain in the United States.

10. Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

Cool and refreshing, the fruit smoothie is a popular choice when you are looking for a sweet and fruity treat after trudging the warehouse aisles. The lower-calorie fruit smoothie replaced the ever-popular berry smoothie in 2017. Packed with real fruit and lower in sugar, the fruit smoothie is a real winner. Priced at $2.99 for 16 ounces, you can enjoy great fruit flavor at a fraction of the amount you would spend at a smoothie shop.

9. Chicken Bake

Chicken Bake

If you have never tried the unusual concoction that is the Costco chicken bake, you are missing out. According to Mashed, this flaky tube of goodness consists of five ingredients: pizza dough, chicken, cheese, bacon, and Caesar dressing. Is it a pizza pocket? Is it a calzone cousin? I don’t know, but reviews say that enrobing these simple ingredients in a delicious blanket of Costco pizza dough makes for an entrée that can’t be duplicated. Some say not even the frozen version on Costco’s own freezer case shelves can match it.

8. Chili

For just $3.99 you may be able to warm your tummy with a filling bowl of Costco food court chili. Frugal blogger, Sarah Li Cain over at Stapler Confessions gave it a try and found the Costco chili well worth trying. This chili is lacking in accompaniments as there are no toppings such as crackers, shredded cheese, or guacamole. However, the bean and meat chili is pretty tasty on its own. Cain reports the chili is not very spicy, so if you crave some heat, ask for red pepper flakes to liven up your bowl.

7. Churros


Churros may bring to mind carnivals, amusement parks, and seaside boardwalks. Therefore, picking up a twisted churro at the Costco food court may infuse you with the sweet memories of time spent at play. And who wouldn’t enjoy being transported away by memories of fun and laughter while performing shopping chores? As with most things Costco, these churros are jumbo-sized. With a sweet crunch on the outside and a soft, pillowy interior, this pastry practically melts in your mouth. Not bad for $1 a pop.

6. Frozen Gelato

Frozen Gelato

You don’t have to travel to Italy to enjoy a creamy, flavorful, helping of gelato. This popular frosty treat can be found in many Costco food courts. Three yummy choices include pistachio, chocolate, or Stracciatella (similar to chocolate chip). For less than two bucks, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a triple scoop in a waffle cone. Alternatively, you can take a hand-packed quart to go for less than five dollars. Bueno!

5. BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

Bbq Beef Brisket Sandwich

The $4.99 BBQ beef brisket sandwich is another popular choice at many Costco food courts. This sandwich consists of a toasted bun encasing coleslaw and BBQ sauce-topped beef brisket. Sadly, other meaty favorites have gone by the wayside to make room for healthier options on the Costco menu. Much to the grief of kielbasa fans, the Polish sausage dog can no longer be purchased at the Costco food court. Distressed sausage lovers even started a petition to reinstate the dog to the menu, but to no avail.

4. Turkey Provolone Sandwich

Turkey Provolone Sandwich

Those who crave a hot turkey sandwich are in luck when shopping at Costco. To make this sandwich, oven-roasted turkey joins provolone, onions, tomatoes, and herbed mayonnaise on a toasted roll. Wash it down with a 20-ounce soda and follow it with a churro and you’ve had a caloric, yet highly enjoyable, meal.

3. Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

For those looking for healthier choices, Costco offers a chicken Caesar salad. This food court salad consists of romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, tomatoes, and chicken. To keep the calorie count low, leave off the croutons, and use only a portion of the salad dressing. For $3.99, those looking for a quick source of protein, plant fiber, and fats can enjoy grabbing this salad before or after an intense shopping trip.

2. Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

A relatively new addition to the Costco food court menu is the acai bowl. Made from acai berries, this frozen treat is low in calories and popping with tart, fruity flavor. The acai bowl will cost you only $4.99. This bowl doesn’t come with specialty add-ons such as goji berries, coconut shavings, honey, or hemp seeds. However, it does boast toppings of fresh sliced strawberries, whole blueberries, banana chips, and granola. The health-minded Costco shopper may be glad to find this refreshing 330-calorie treat on the menu.

1. Free Samples

Free Samples

While technically not food court items, no trip to Costco is complete without a trip around the store sampling the various wares on offer. You’re not alone if you have made a meal of bite-size portions scavenged from the sample carts positioned strategically at the end of many aisles. Free for the taking and served by smiling workers in hairnets, these tidbits help make shopping more fun. And who knows, you may discover you really love that sip of smoothie or cube of cheese and will want to purchase some to take home with you.