12 Foods You Shouldn’t Buy Frozen

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8. Frozen Pastries

frozen pastries

If you live out of town far from the fresh, good stuff, you may want to have ready-to-bake pastries in the freezer, like croissants and muffins.

The sad truth is, they are processed and packed with emulsifiers, flour agents and bad fats like palm oil. Palm oil is not used in reputable bakeries. So, have these frozen treats once in a long while or head to your favorite bakery. Better yet — bake them yourself!

7. Frozen Kids’ Meals

frozen kids meal

It doesn’t matter how much these meals claim to be healthy and packed with nutrition. When you take a look at the ingredients in frozen meals for kids, you won’t be happy.

The better option is to make large batches of meals for your family and freeze them in portions. Your own homemade ready-to-go meals will be more nutritious and handy for those busy weekdays. You are also keeping money in your pocket!