12 Lies You Were Told as a Kid You Probably Still Believe

4 min read

There are many things as children that we practiced and believed as gospel truth. Like the stork bringing a new baby, the tooth fairy taking your lost teeth and Santa Claus.

There were also many things our parents taught us that they also believed and probably still believe today.

Continue reading as we look back on some common beliefs that we learned when we were kids that are actually not true.

12. Sugar Makes You HyperActive

It’s a “known fact” even now! Parents are still teaching their children to keep away from sweets. Not only because they rot the teeth, but that sweets make them hyper and hard to manage.

Studies after studies reveal that we’ve all been misled. Children had the same behavior pattern, whether they had sugar or not. But parents want to believe that there must be a plausible explanation for an overactive child.

11. Wait an Hour After Eating Before You Swim

Depending on where you are in the world, the story is different. Many believe that you will vomit if you swim after eating. Or, since the body sends blood away from your limbs to your stomach indigestion, your limbs could grow tired quickly, and you could get cramps and drown.

Thankfully, the Mayo Clinic assures us that there is no scientific basis for these claims. As soon as you feel that your food is digested, jump right back in and enjoy your frolicking time.

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