12 Lies You Were Told as a Kid You Probably Still Believe

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10. You’ll Get Arthritis From Cracking Your Knuckles


The only thing you should worry about when cracking your knuckles is it being an annoying habit to the people around you. Several studies done at Harvard compared people who never cracked their knuckles with those who cracked theirs habitually and found no risks of arthritis. What the habit can do, though, is give you a weakened grip, so keep that habit on the downside.

9. “Cavemen” Lived in Caves

cavemen, caves

There isn’t any such thing as cavemen. The term describes early farmers of the Stone Age. Caves were popularly used as burial spots. And you could find hyenas, bears and other wild animals living in caves and using them for shelter.

Caves were also used for artwork and the kitchen. Stone Age people would live in camps or bender huts carved from hazelwood. These huts were bent to form a circle and covered with animal skin.