12 Most Reckless States in America

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10. Ohio

Source: Pixabay

Ohio has a reckless index score of 55.26. Its speeding tickets per capita is 466.07, its pedestrian fatalities per capita are 1.09, its debt per capita is $2,859.10, its landfill trash per capita is 48.8 tons and its average life expectancy is 76.6.

As you can see, it has the second-highest landfill trash per capita amount on this list. Incidentally, Ohio EPA ordered Penn-Ohio Waste to unload 180 rail cars after it was discovered that the construction and demolition debris landfill was operating without required permits. The company ceased all operations after it was issued notices of violations.

9. Delaware

Source: Pixabay

Out of all the states on this list, Delaware has the most debt. According to data compiled by Best Life, Delaware’s debt per capita is $4,606.10. In the fiscal year of 2019, the state debt was about $5.21 billion. Delaware’s state debt is forecasted to be about $6.32 billion by the fiscal year of 2025.

Here is the other data compiled by Best Life:

Speeding tickets per capita: N/A
Pedestrian fatalities per capita: 2.38
Landfill trash per capita: 33.7 tons
Average life expectancy: 78.2
Reckless Index Score: 58.61