12 Most Reckless States in America

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8. Kentucky

Source: Pixabay

A 2019 report from the United Health Foundation found that Kentucky is one of the least healthy states in the nation. It ranked No. 43 out of 50 in the following categories: behaviors, clinical care, community and environment, health outcomes and public and health policies.

According to an article published by the Louisville Courier Journal, the foundation said Kentucky’s challenges include a high percentage of physical inactivity, frequent mental distress, and a high cancer death rate.

Here is additional data on the state, compiled by Best Life:

Speeding tickets per capita: 268.83
Pedestrian fatalities per capita: 1.63
Debt per capita: $3,214.56
Landfill trash per capita: 43.9 tons
Average life expectancy: 75.0
Reckless Index Score: 61.89

7. Georgia

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Georgia received a reckless index score of 63.98. The number of speeding tickets people get per capita, the number of pedestrian fatalities per capita, landfill trash per capita, average life expectancy and debt per capita were included in the score.

Here are the scores for each category:

Speeding tickets per capita: 825.76
Pedestrian fatalities per capita: 2.48
Debt per capita: $1,205.07
Landfill trash per capita: 33.7 tons
Average life expectancy: 77.2

A landfill in a small Georgia town came under fire in 2019 after a small crack in the middle of the landfill widened into a 1,000-foot-long ravine, causing odors from exposed waste to spread into subdivisions and over family farms. What’s more, is that uncontrolled leachate flowed into a nearby creek.

The stench from the exposed waste was unbearable for nearby residents. “If the air [was] still and calm, it was enough to make you violently ill when you walked out the door,” resident Steve Brooks told Georgia Health News. “I swore if I’d lit a match outside, it would have blown up.”