12 Most Reckless States in America

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6. Oregon

Source: Pixabay

In Oregon, the number of speeding tickets per capita is 1,112.35. And, if you’ve been on any Oregon highways lately, that should come as no surprise. Around this time last year, Portland Police said they saw an increase in drivers speeding.

In the last week of March, they stopped 4 drivers going 100 miles an hour over the speed limit. When stopped, several drivers told police that they were speeding because they didn’t think anyone was out there enforcing the speed limit. Crazy, right? Anyway, here is the rest of the data compiled by Best Life:

Pedestrian fatalities per capita: 1.91
Debt per capita: $2,950.65
Landfill trash per capita: 37.0 tons
Average life expectancy: 79.2
Reckless Index Score: 65.63

5. Indiana

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The Hoosier State comes in at No. 5 on the list. It received a reckless index score of 66.76 based on rankings in the following categories:

Speeding tickets per capita: 435.72
Pedestrian fatalities per capita: 1.70
Debt per capita: $3,209.49
Landfill trash per capita: 56.1 tons
Average life expectancy: 77.0

FYI: Indianapolis leads the way in the state in pedestrian deaths. In fact, an op-ed published by IndyStar.com revealed that one in five Indiana pedestrian deaths in 2018 took place in Indianapolis. What’s more, is that most of those deaths could have been prevented.