12 Must-Try Coffee Alternatives

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2. Capomo Coffee

capomo coffee

This classic brew has some delicious flavors, including hazelnut, caramel, cinnamon, chocolate and turmeric– quite a variety. The Capomo is harvested from Capomo trees, which are in the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico. The nuts are naturally caffeine-free and filled with fibers, potassium, calcium and iron to keep your blood sugar in check.

1. Cacao Drink


Here’s a great coffee alternative, especially if you are a hot chocolate fan. This drink is similar to iced or hot chocolate but with loads of energy. It supplies your body with a naturally occurring stimulant from cacao, which expands your blood vessels. Coffee does the opposite! Heat some milk on your stove, add cacao and sweetener of your choice for a delicious morning beverage!