12 Must-Watch Netflix Documentaries

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6. ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff?

Who Shot The Sheriff
Source: Netflix

The reggae icon Robert (Bob) Nester Marley survived an assassination attempt in 1976. The political climate was hot, and groups were showing allegiance to their preferred political party were battling each other.

The political leaders at the time could barely control the faction, and it was Marley who brought the two-party leaders together for a peace rally. So, who was responsible for the upheaval at the time and the attempt on Marley’s life? This documentary is well worth the watch!

5. Dark Tourist

Dark Tourist
Source: Netflix

Journalist David Ferrier stars in the eight-part series of Dark Tourist as he visits macabre tourist destinations across-the-globe. From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest to meeting Pablo Escobar in Colombia and witnessing an exorcism in Mexico, nothing seems to phase him.

Ferrier also takes a tour dedicated to the late US president JFK’s assassination in Dallas. He even goes to New Orleans and shares a meal with a vampire! There are so many interesting adventures to be seen in this Netflix docu-series.