12 Signs of a Rental Scam You Should Be Aware of

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8. The Property Listing is Sketchy

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If you see a property listing that’s overly vague and/or has photos with an MLS watermark and/or is full of grammatical errors, it’s more than likely not a legitimate listing.

What’s more, is that sometimes even legitimate listings can be fake. Scammers will pull details from a legitimate listing on Craigslist, for example, and use it as their own.

They flag to remove the original, legitimate listing and replace it with their bogus listing. Would-be renters then send their money to the scammer, and he or she makes off with it.

7. The Property Owner Says They’re Out of the Country

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If the property owner says they’re out of the country and have a “plan” to get the keys into your hands, you should be concerned. For example, they’ll tell you they will mail you the keys, or they have an agent working on their behalf who will get the keys to you — provided that you send them the security deposit first, of course.

Just know that you’ll never see those keys, and you’ll be out of the money you sent them. But, if you happen to get a set of keys, it’s only because the scammer created fake keys.