12 Signs of a Rental Scam You Should Be Aware of

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2. They’re Ready to Make a Deal With No Background Info

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If you were renting out your property to someone else, would you skip the background check? Nope! And, neither would a legit landlord or property manager. If you run into one who’s willing to forgo a background check, run in the opposite direction.

Also, be leery of any landlord who tries to charge extra for a background check. According to an article published by Apartmentguide.com, a background check costs between $35-$75 per applicant. If they’re asking for more than that, it’s probably a scam.

1. A Stranger Contacts You About a Rental Property

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There’s a reason why people warn against putting personal information online. It makes it easy for scammers to target you. Even just mentioning that you’re looking for a place to rent can bring the scammers out of the woodwork.

They’ll see your post and contact you to send you details on a home. Then, they should let you view the exterior of the home, but no one is available to show you the interior.

Once you view the exterior, they’ll request money for the application fee and security deposit to be wired to a foreign location. Once the money is wired, they’ll disappear.