12 Things Successful People Do Differently

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What makes a successful person successful? What defines success? When we think of successful people in the general scheme of things, we think of rich people or people of influence and fame who top their area of endeavor.

Becoming a millionaire or billionaire is a success, but that’s not all there is to it! Money does not define success because not all successful people are wealthy. Continue reading to discover the secrets to success.

12. They Prioritize Health

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Health is a priority in the life of successful people. Without the wealth of good health, you will struggle to perform well. The master-minds behind the enterprising and innovative ideas are real people too! You may think they’re constantly working to keep up the success, but that is far from the truth.

To be successful and perform at the highest of standards, you need to have a clear mind. It’s hard to have a clear mind when you aren’t eating right and exercising frequently. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example. He went from being a bodybuilder to an actor and then a politician.

11. They Go Against the Norm

Successful people

In the early years of Albert Einstein’s career, other scientists wouldn’t hire him. That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? He resorted to working in a patent office in Bern, Switzerland, and worked as a researcher at night.

When Einstein became famous, he was still an outsider and was proud of it. He went against the status quo and became arguably the most famous scientist of all time. Some wise words from him are: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. It’s important not to stop questioning.”

10. They Fail Numerous Times

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Successful people usually fail more than they succeed. Noone would be able to succeed if they didn’t learn from failures. British Businessman, Richard Branson, set up 100 companies before he finally made it.

Virgin Vodka, Virgin Cola and Virgin Clothing are just some of his failures. Despite all of those downfalls, today, he is worth $4.6 billion.

So, it’s prudent to take Branson’s advice: “You don’t learn to walk by following rules, but by doing and falling over.”

9. They Begin With a Vision of the End

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Have you heard of manifestation? Successful people use this powerful tool to attract what they desire in life. They envision what they want as if they already have it and the universe gives it to them. It may sound crazy, but successful people such as Jim Carrey, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga swear by it.

Jim Carrey once said: “As far as I can tell, it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and then working toward it while letting go of how it comes to pass.”

8. They Are Action Centered


Successful people are always on the move, with one project after another in the pipeline. They are driven to be a success. The author of “Getting Things Done,” David Allen, tells you how to accomplish this.

Allen teaches people how to increase their productivity and think about what their next move will be. Everyone is capable of getting more done than they think when order and action are applied.

7. They Hold Themselves To High Accountability


If you want to be successful, you have to hold yourself accountable. Our Founding Father and Inventor, Benjamin Franklin, held himself accountable every day. Every night before he slept, he asked himself, “what good did I do today.” Doing this is common among successful people. Self-reflection leads to growth!

Franklin also looked over his accounts and his business dealings to examine his failures and successes. Reflecting helps us to do the right thing at the right time. To do this, it is helpful to keep a journal and do meditations.

6. They Make Time for Outside Interests

Outside interests, hobbies,

It doesn’t matter how committed you are to your career or how driven you are to succeed. Try to pursue hobbies or other interests apart from your work. The US Presidents don’t have much time on their hands, yet President Obama made time to attend basketball games regularly. Presidents Clinton and Bush took time to jog and play golf. Finding time to unwind is crucial to remaining happy and productive.

5. They Are Hungry for Information

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Successful people are always educating themselves and retaining information to help them make smart decisions. Since they are action-centered, they need relevant information to help them push ahead, make effective changes and meet set goals. That’s why they are always reading and are keen to know what competitors are doing. That way, they can be ahead of the game.

4. They Welcome Criticism


Successful people love to know what others are saying about them. It helps them to improve whatever they are working on. Martin Scorsese, a film director, accepted his fair share of criticisms throughout his career.

Scorsese wrote: “There are two types of power you have to fight. The first is the money, and that’s just our system. The other is the people close around you, knowing when to accept their criticisms and knowing when to say no.”

3.They are Mentally Tough

Mentally tough

No successful person is sensitive or weak. One of their strong points is will-power. That’s why if it doesn’t work once, they keep going until they get it right. A fine example is Michael Phelps, who has won 22 Olympic medals and the most decorated swimmer of all time.

His preparation routine included endurance, speed, dry land workout and weight lifting. He once exposed his mental strength by saying: “In Beijing when my goggles filled with water, I didn’t panic, I went back to all my training…and won my race.”

 2. They Love To Challenge Themselves


Successful people push themselves to new successes. They never settle! After the Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling could have put away her writing career and taken life easy. She was wealthier than the Queen of England, but she changed her tactic and wrote under the pen name Robert Gailbraith and published her crime book “The Cuckoo’s Calling.”

1. They Know When To Say No

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Successful people will not be bogged down with commitments that don’t add value to them. It is crucial to say no, or you will burn out. Bill Gates is one such successful person who routinely says no. He keeps an open schedule to fill with activities that he values. We don’t have the luxury and riches of Bill Gates, but we can learn lessons from his strategies.