13 Celebrities Who Have Come Out as LGBTQ+ in 2021

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8. Gigi Gorgeous

gigi gorgeous

With this gorgeous lady, it’s been one coming out after another! First, she came out as gay before she transitioned. The Youtuber then came out as transgender and then as gay again.

She said in a Youtube video that searching within and putting a label on what she found are some of her greatest memories. She now comes out as pansexual, which she said is profound and amazing.

7. Colton Underwood

colton underwood

The former “The Bachelor” star came out on Good Morning America. He revealed to Robin Roberts that he was gay after previously denying it. Underwood said he has been running from himself for a long time but has finally come to terms with being gay.

The star said he knew he was gay as a teenager but was praying that he could be straight. Underwood mentioned that there were times when he was suicidal before he came out.